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chaiscript::Function_Params Class Reference

Public Member Functions

constexpr Function_Params (const Boxed_Value *const t_begin, const Boxed_Value *const t_end)
 Function_Params (const Boxed_Value &bv)
 Function_Params (const std::vector< Boxed_Value > &vec)
template<size_t Size>
constexpr Function_Params (const std::array< Boxed_Value, Size > &a)
constexpr const Boxed_Valueoperator[] (const std::size_t t_i) const noexcept
constexpr const Boxed_Valuebegin () const noexcept
constexpr const Boxed_Valuefront () const noexcept
constexpr const Boxed_Valueend () const noexcept
constexpr std::size_t size () const noexcept
std::vector< Boxed_Valueto_vector () const
constexpr bool empty () const noexcept

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