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chaiscript::Type_Conversions Class Reference


struct  Conversion_Saves
struct  Less_Than

Public Member Functions

 Type_Conversions (const Type_Conversions &t_other)=delete
 Type_Conversions (Type_Conversions &&)=default
Type_Conversionsoperator= (const Type_Conversions &)=delete
Type_Conversionsoperator= (Type_Conversions &&)=default
const std::set< const std::type_info *, Less_Than > & thread_cache () const
void add_conversion (const std::shared_ptr< detail::Type_Conversion_Base > &conversion)
template<typename T >
bool convertable_type () const noexcept
template<typename To , typename From >
bool converts () const noexcept
bool converts (const Type_Info &to, const Type_Info &from) const noexcept
template<typename To >
Boxed_Value boxed_type_conversion (Conversion_Saves &t_saves, const Boxed_Value &from) const
template<typename From >
Boxed_Value boxed_type_down_conversion (Conversion_Saves &t_saves, const Boxed_Value &to) const
Boxed_Value boxed_type_conversion (const Type_Info &to, Conversion_Saves &t_saves, const Boxed_Value &from) const
Boxed_Value boxed_type_down_conversion (const Type_Info &from, Conversion_Saves &t_saves, const Boxed_Value &to) const
std::vector< Boxed_Valuetake_saves (Conversion_Saves &t_saves)
bool has_conversion (const Type_Info &to, const Type_Info &from) const
std::shared_ptr< detail::Type_Conversion_Baseget_conversion (const Type_Info &to, const Type_Info &from) const
Conversion_Savesconversion_saves () const noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

static void enable_conversion_saves (Conversion_Saves &t_saves, bool t_val)

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