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chaiscript::dispatch::Dynamic_Object Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Dynamic_Object (std::string t_type_name)
bool is_explicit () const noexcept
void set_explicit (const bool t_explicit) noexcept
const std::string & get_type_name () const noexcept
const Boxed_Valueoperator[] (const std::string &t_attr_name) const
Boxed_Valueoperator[] (const std::string &t_attr_name)
const Boxed_Valueget_attr (const std::string &t_attr_name) const
bool has_attr (const std::string &t_attr_name) const
Boxed_Valueget_attr (const std::string &t_attr_name)
Boxed_Valuemethod_missing (const std::string &t_method_name)
const Boxed_Valuemethod_missing (const std::string &t_method_name) const
std::map< std::string, Boxed_Valueget_attrs () const

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