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CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D:
CoolProp::CurveTracer CoolProp::FuncWrapper1DWithDeriv CoolProp::PY_singlephase_flash_resid CoolProp::SaturationSolvers::WilsonK_resid HumidAir::WetBulbSolver HumidAir::WetBulbTminSolver SaturationResidual CoolProp::BoyleCurveTracer CoolProp::IdealCurveTracer CoolProp::JouleInversionCurveTracer CoolProp::JouleThomsonCurveTracer CoolProp::FuncWrapper1DWithTwoDerivs CoolProp::L0CurveTracer CoolProp::Poly2DResidual CoolProp::RachfordRiceResidual CoolProp::solver_TP_resid

Public Member Functions

virtual double call (double)=0
virtual bool input_not_in_range (double x)
 /brief A function for checking whether the input is in range; More...

Public Attributes

int errcode
std::string errstring
Dictionary options
int iter

Member Function Documentation

§ input_not_in_range()

virtual bool CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D::input_not_in_range ( double  x)

/brief A function for checking whether the input is in range;

Meant to be implemented by derived classes; return true if input is out of range

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