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CoolProp::GuessesStructure Class Reference

Detailed Description

This simple class holds the values for guesses for use in some solvers that have the ability to use guess values intelligently.

#include <AbstractState.h>

Public Member Functions

void clear ()

Public Attributes

double T
 temperature in K
double p
 pressure in Pa
double rhomolar
 molar density in mol/m^3
double hmolar
 molar enthalpy in J/mol
double smolar
 molar entropy in J/mol/K
double rhomolar_liq
 molar density of the liquid phase in mol/m^3
double rhomolar_vap
 molar density of the vapor phase in mol/m^3
std::vector< double > x
 molar composition of the liquid phase
std::vector< double > y
 molar composition of the vapor phase

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