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CoolProp::L0CurveTracer Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class is used to trace the spinodal of the mixture, and is also used to calculate critical points.

Inheritance diagram for CoolProp::L0CurveTracer:
CoolProp::FuncWrapper1DWithDeriv CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D

Public Member Functions

 L0CurveTracer (HelmholtzEOSMixtureBackend &HEOS, double tau0, double delta0)
void get_tau_delta (const double theta, const double tau, const double delta, double &tau_new, double &delta_new)
double call (double theta)
double deriv (double theta)
void trace ()
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virtual bool input_not_in_range (double x)
 /brief A function for checking whether the input is in range; More...

Public Attributes

double delta
double tau
double M1_last
 The last value that the Mstar determinant had.
double theta_last
 The last value that the angle had.
double R_tau
 The radius for tau currently being used.
double R_delta
 The radius for delta currently being used.
double R_tau_tracer
 The radius for tau that should be used in the L1*=0 tracer (user-modifiable after instantiation)
double R_delta_tracer
 The radius for delta that should be used in the L1*=0 tracer (user-modifiable after instantiation)
std::vector< CoolProp::CriticalStatecritical_points
int N_critical_points
Eigen::MatrixXd Lstar
Eigen::MatrixXd adjLstar
Eigen::MatrixXd dLstardTau
Eigen::MatrixXd d2LstardTau2
Eigen::MatrixXd dLstardDelta
SpinodalData spinodal_values
bool find_critical_points
 If true, actually calculate the critical points, otherwise, skip evaluation of critical points but still trace the spinodal.
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int errcode
std::string errstring
Dictionary options
int iter

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