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CoolProp::LemmonAirHFCReducingFunction Class Reference

Detailed Description

Reducing function converter for dry air and HFC blends.

From Lemmon, JPCRD, 2000 for the properties of Dry Air, and also from Lemmon, JPCRD, 2004 for the properties of R404A, R410A, etc.

\[ \rho_r(\bar x) = \left[ \sum_{i=1}^m\frac{x_i}{\rho_{c_i}}+\sum_{i=1}^{m-1}\sum_{j=i+1}^{m}x_ix_j\zeta_{ij}\right]^{-1} \]

\[ T_r(\bar x) = \sum_{i=1}^mx_iT_{c_i}+\sum_{i=1}^{m-1}\sum_{j=i+1}^mx_ix_j\xi_{ij} \]

These can be converted to the form of GERG by the following equations:

\[ \beta_T = 1\ \ \ \ \beta_v = 1 \]


\[ \boxed{\gamma_T = \dfrac{T_{c0}+T_{c1}+\xi_{01}}{2\sqrt{T_{c0}T_{c1}}}} \]


\[ \boxed{\gamma_v = \dfrac{v_{c0}+v_{c1}+\zeta_{01}}{\frac{1}{4}\left(\frac{1}{\rho_{c,i}^{1/3}}+\frac{1}{\rho_{c,j}^{1/3}}\right)^{3}}} \]

#include <ReducingFunctions.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void convert_to_GERG (std::vector< CoolPropFluid > &pFluids, std::size_t i, std::size_t j, const Dictionary &d, CoolPropDbl &beta_T, CoolPropDbl &beta_v, CoolPropDbl &gamma_T, CoolPropDbl &gamma_v)
 Set the coefficients based on reducing parameters loaded from JSON.

Protected Member Functions

 LemmonAirHFCReducingFunction (const LemmonAirHFCReducingFunction &)

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