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CoolProp::PCSAFTFluid Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PCSAFTFluid (rapidjson::Value::ValueIterator itr)
std::string getName () const
std::string getCAS () const
CoolPropDbl molar_mass () const
std::vector< std::string > getAliases () const
CoolPropDbl getM () const
CoolPropDbl getSigma () const
CoolPropDbl getU () const
CoolPropDbl getUAB () const
CoolPropDbl getVolA () const
CoolPropDbl getDipm () const
CoolPropDbl getDipnum () const
CoolPropDbl getZ () const
void calc_water_sigma (double t)

Protected Attributes

std::string name
std::string CAS
CoolPropDbl molemass
 Molar mass (kg/mol)
std::vector< std::string > aliases
PCSAFTValues params

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