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CoolProp::Poly2DResidual Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CoolProp::Poly2DResidual:
CoolProp::FuncWrapper1DWithDeriv CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D CoolProp::Poly2DFracResidual CoolProp::Poly2DFracIntResidual

Public Member Functions

 Poly2DResidual (Polynomial2D &poly, const Eigen::MatrixXd &coefficients, const double &in, const double &z_in, const int &axis)
 Residual of a polynomial. More...
double call (double target)
double deriv (double target)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D
virtual bool input_not_in_range (double x)
 /brief A function for checking whether the input is in range; More...

Protected Types

enum  dims { iX, iY }

Protected Attributes

Eigen::MatrixXd coefficients
bool derIsSet
Eigen::MatrixXd coefficientsDer
int axis
double in
 the fixed input != targetDim
Polynomial2D poly
 Object that evaluates the equation.
double z_in
 Current output value.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D
int errcode
std::string errstring
Dictionary options
int iter

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ Poly2DResidual()

CoolProp::Poly2DResidual::Poly2DResidual ( Polynomial2D poly,
const Eigen::MatrixXd &  coefficients,
const double &  in,
const double &  z_in,
const int &  axis 

Residual of a polynomial.

polypolynomial object used to evaluate the calls
indouble value that represents the current input in x (1st dimension) or y (2nd dimension)
z_indouble value that represents the current output in the 3rd dimension
axisunsigned integer value that represents the axis to solve for (0=x, 1=y)

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