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CoolProp::SaturationSolvers::WilsonK_resid Class Reference

Detailed Description

A wrapper function around the residual to find the initial guess for the bubble point temperature

\[ r = \sum_i \frac{z_i(K_i-1)}{1-beta+beta*K_i} \]

#include <VLERoutines.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WilsonK_resid (const HelmholtzEOSMixtureBackend &HEOS, double beta, double imposed_value, sstype_enum input_type, const std::vector< CoolPropDbl > &z, std::vector< CoolPropDbl > &K)
double call (double input_value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D
virtual bool input_not_in_range (double x)
 /brief A function for checking whether the input is in range; More...

Public Attributes

sstype_enum input_type
double T
double p
double beta
const std::vector< CoolPropDbl > & z
std::vector< CoolPropDbl > & K
const HelmholtzEOSMixtureBackendHEOS
- Public Attributes inherited from CoolProp::FuncWrapper1D
int errcode
std::string errstring
Dictionary options
int iter

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