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CoolProp::SurfaceTensionCorrelation Class Reference

Detailed Description

The surface tension correlation class uses correlations for the surface tension that are all of the form.

\[ \sigma = \sum_i a_i\left(1-\frac{T}{\tilde T_c}\right)^{n_i} \]

where \( \tilde T_c \) is the critical temperature used for the correlation which is almost always equal to the critical temperature of the equation of state. Result for surface tension is in N/m

#include <Ancillaries.h>

Public Member Functions

 SurfaceTensionCorrelation (rapidjson::Value &json_code)
CoolPropDbl evaluate (CoolPropDbl T)
 Actually evaluate the surface tension equation.

Public Attributes

std::vector< CoolPropDbl > a
 the leading coefficients a_i
std::vector< CoolPropDbl > n
 the powers n_i
std::vector< CoolPropDbl > s
 a summation buffer
CoolPropDbl Tc
 critical temperature in K
std::size_t N
 number of a_i, n_i pairs
std::string BibTeX
 The BiBTeX key for the surface tension curve in use.

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