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CoolProp::TabularDataSet Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class contains the data for one set of Tabular data including single-phase and two-phase data.

#include <TabularBackends.h>

Public Member Functions

void write_tables (const std::string &path_to_tables)
 Write the tables to files on the computer.
void load_tables (const std::string &path_to_tables, shared_ptr< CoolProp::AbstractState > &AS)
 Load the tables from file.
void build_tables (shared_ptr< CoolProp::AbstractState > &AS)
 Build the tables (single-phase PH, single-phase PT, phase envelope, etc.)
void build_coeffs (SinglePhaseGriddedTableData &table, std::vector< std::vector< CellCoeffs > > &coeffs)
 Build the \(a_{i,j}\) coefficients for bicubic interpolation.

Public Attributes

bool tables_loaded
LogPHTable single_phase_logph
LogPTTable single_phase_logpT
PureFluidSaturationTableData pure_saturation
PackablePhaseEnvelopeData phase_envelope
std::vector< std::vector< CellCoeffs > > coeffs_ph
std::vector< std::vector< CellCoeffs > > coeffs_pT

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