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CoolProp::ResidualHelmholtzGeneralizedExponentialElement Struct Reference

Public Attributes

CoolPropDbl n
 These variables are for the n*delta^d_i*tau^t_i part.
CoolPropDbl d
CoolPropDbl t
CoolPropDbl c
 These variables are for the exp(u) part u is given by -c*delta^l_i-omega*tau^m_i-eta1*(delta-epsilon1)-eta2*(delta-epsilon2)^2-beta1*(tau-gamma1)-beta2*(tau-gamma2)^2.
CoolPropDbl l_double
CoolPropDbl omega
CoolPropDbl m_double
CoolPropDbl eta1
CoolPropDbl epsilon1
CoolPropDbl eta2
CoolPropDbl epsilon2
CoolPropDbl beta1
CoolPropDbl gamma1
CoolPropDbl beta2
CoolPropDbl gamma2
int l_int
 If l_i or m_i are integers, we will store them as integers in order to call pow(double, int) rather than pow(double, double)
int m_int
bool l_is_int
 If l is an integer, store a boolean flag so we can evaluate the correct pow() function.
bool m_is_int

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