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The NPL Scripting Language Reference in ParaEngine


ParaEngine is a full-fledged 3D computer game engine. The key feature of it is to be agile for both application development and deployment. It is suitable to create 3D online games where the client and server logics changes regularly or there are lots of UGC(user generated content) elements during game play.
ParaEngine has a scalable and extensible application development framework for both client and server side. The client side scripting uses NPL, our proprietory scripting language, whose syntax is based on LUA. The server side scripting supports NPL as well as C# via mono.
As of 2009, the biggest game created by ParaEngine contains over 300000 lines of NPL code, hundreds of html files for custom game UI, gigabytes of art content; deployed on the web as a less than 10MB installer (all other content are streamed on demand during game play); launched after 6 months of development; updated weekly for additional 3D scenes and game logics; generating tens of thousands of user created 3d worlds per day; served by over 20 linux servers and expanding; and having over 10000 average concurrent users and growing.


The NPL and ParaEngine functions and objects are organized inside several modules, such as ParaScene, ParaUI, etc. Please browse the module list to quickly locate the function you need. All NPL functions are implemented in the ParaScripting namespace. Some examples are provided to explain some commonly used functionalities.


All work is copyrighted by ParaEngine Corporation.
We are planning to release NPL standard and code to the open source community.