SlicerAstro  1.0.0
SlicerAstro, an Astronomy (HI) extension for 3DSlicer
SlicerAstro, an Astronomy (HI) extension for 3DSlicer


Upcoming HI (neutral Hydrogen) surveys will deliver large datasets, and automated processing using the full 3D information (two positional dimensions and one spectral dimension) to find and characterize HI objects is imperative. In this context, visualization is an essential tool for enabling qualitative and quantitative human control on an automated source finding and analysis pipeline. Visual Analytics, the combination of automated data processing and human reasoning, creativity and intuition, supported by interactive visualization, enables flexible and fast interaction with the 3D data, helping the astronomer to deal with the analysis of complex sources. 3D visualization, coupled to modeling, provides additional capabilities helping the discovery and analysis of subtle structures in the 3D domain.

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