C++ Actor Framework  0.18
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caf::stream_sink_driver< Input > Class Template Referenceabstract

Identifies an unbound sequence of messages. More...

#include <stream_sink_driver.hpp>

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Public Types

using input_type = Input
using sink_type = stream_sink< input_type >
 Implemented stream_sink interface.
using sink_ptr_type = intrusive_ptr< sink_type >
 Smart pointer to the interface type.

Public Member Functions

virtual void finalize (const error &)
 Called after closing the last inbound path.
virtual void process (std::vector< input_type > &batch)=0
 Processes a single batch.
virtual int32_t acquire_credit (inbound_path *path, int32_t desired)
 Acquires credit on an inbound path. More...

Detailed Description

template<class Input>
class caf::stream_sink_driver< Input >

Identifies an unbound sequence of messages.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire_credit()

template<class Input >
virtual int32_t caf::stream_sink_driver< Input >::acquire_credit ( inbound_path path,
int32_t  desired 

Acquires credit on an inbound path.

The calculated credit to fill our queue for two cycles is desired, but the driver is allowed to return any non-negative value.

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