C++ Actor Framework  0.18
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caf::scheduled_actor::mailbox_policy Struct Reference

Configures the FIFO inbox with four nested queues: More...

#include <scheduled_actor.hpp>

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Public Types

using deficit_type = size_t
using mapped_type = mailbox_element
using unique_pointer = mailbox_element_ptr
using queue_type = intrusive::wdrr_fixed_multiplexed_queue< policy::categorized, urgent_queue, normal_queue, upstream_queue, downstream_queue >

Detailed Description

Configures the FIFO inbox with four nested queues:

  1. Default asynchronous messages
  2. High-priority asynchronous messages
  3. Upstream messages
  4. Downstream messages

The queue for downstream messages is in turn composed of a nested queues, one for each active input slot.

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