crawlserv++  [under development]
Application for crawling and analyzing textual content of websites.
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcrawlservppThe global namespace of crawlserv++
 NDataNamespace for different types of data
 NCompressionNamespace for data compression
 NGzipNamespace for compressing and decompressing gzip
 NZipNamespace for compressing and decompressing zip
 NZlibNamespace for compressing and decompressing zlib
 NFileNamespace for functions accessing files
 NImportExportNamespace for the import and export of data
 NOpenDocumentNamespace for importing and exporting OpenDocument spreadsheets
 NTextNamespace for importing and exporting raw text
 NStemmerNamespace for linguistic stemmers
 NHelperNamespace for global helper functions
 NBytesNamespace for global byte operation helper functions
 NContainerNamespace for global container helper function templates
 NDateTimeNamespace for global date/time helper functions
 NFileSystemNamespace for global file system helper functions
 NJsonNamespace for global JSON helper functions
 NMathNamespace for global math functions
 NMemoryNamespace for global memory helper functions
 NPortabilityNamespace for global portability functions
 NQueueNamespace for global queue helper function templates
 NStringsNamespace for global string helper functions
 NSystemNamespace for global system helper functions
 NUtf8Namespace for global UTF-8 encoding functions
 NVersionsNamespace for functions getting the versions of the different libraries used by the application
 NMainNamespace for the main classes of the program
 NVersionNamespace for version information
 NModuleNamespace for the different modules run by threads
 NAnalyzerNamespace for analyzer classes
 NAlgoNamespace for algorithm classes
 NCrawlerNamespace for crawler classes
 NExtractorNamespace for extractor classes
 NParserNamespace for parser classes
 NNetworkNamespace for networking classes
 NParsingNamespace for classes parsing HTML, URIs, and XML
 NQueryNamespace for classes handling queries
 NStructNamespace for data structures
 NTimerNamespace for timers
 NWrapperNamespace for RAII wrappers and Wrapper::Database