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ArgumentList Class Reference

This class represents an function or template argument list. More...

#include <arguments.h>

Inheritance diagram for ArgumentList:
QList< Argument > QGList

Public Member Functions

 ArgumentList ()
 ~ArgumentList ()
ArgumentListdeepCopy () const
bool hasDocumentation () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QList< Argument >
 QList (const QList< Argument > &l)
QList< Argument > & operator= (const QList< Argument > &l)
bool operator== (const QList< Argument > &list) const
uint count () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool insert (uint i, const Argument *d)
void inSort (const Argument *d)
void prepend (const Argument *d)
void append (const Argument *d)
bool remove (uint i)
bool remove (const Argument *d)
bool removeRef (const Argument *d)
bool removeFirst ()
bool removeLast ()
Argumenttake (uint i)
void clear ()
void sort ()
int find (const Argument *d) const
int findRef (const Argument *d) const
uint contains (const Argument *d) const
uint containsRef (const Argument *d) const
Argumentat (uint i) const
ArgumentgetFirst () const
ArgumentgetLast () const
void setAutoDelete (bool enable)
bool autoDelete () const

Public Attributes

bool constSpecifier
bool volatileSpecifier
bool pureSpecifier
QCString trailingReturnType
bool isDeleted
RefQualifierType refQualifier

Detailed Description

This class represents an function or template argument list.

This class also stores some information about member that is typically put after the argument list, such as whether the member is const, volatile or pure virtual.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ ArgumentList()

ArgumentList::ArgumentList ( )

Creates an empty argument list

§ ~ArgumentList()

ArgumentList::~ArgumentList ( )

Destroys the argument list

Member Function Documentation

§ deepCopy()

ArgumentList * ArgumentList::deepCopy ( ) const

Makes a deep copy of this object

§ hasDocumentation()

bool ArgumentList::hasDocumentation ( ) const

Does any argument of this list have documentation?

the argument list is documented if one of its arguments is documented

Member Data Documentation

§ constSpecifier

bool ArgumentList::constSpecifier

Does the member modify the state of the class? default: FALSE.

§ isDeleted

bool ArgumentList::isDeleted

method with =delete

§ pureSpecifier

bool ArgumentList::pureSpecifier

Is this a pure virtual member? default: FALSE

§ refQualifier

RefQualifierType ArgumentList::refQualifier

C++11 ref qualifier

§ trailingReturnType

QCString ArgumentList::trailingReturnType

C++11 style Trailing return type?

§ volatileSpecifier

bool ArgumentList::volatileSpecifier

Is the member volatile? default: FALSE.

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