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CCodeParser Class Reference
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void parseCode (CodeOutputInterface &codeOutIntf, const QCString &scopeName, const QCString &input, SrcLangExt lang, bool isExampleBlock, const QCString &exampleName=QCString(), const FileDef *fileDef=0, int startLine=-1, int endLine=-1, bool inlineFragment=FALSE, const MemberDef *memberDef=0, bool showLineNumbers=TRUE, const Definition *searchCtx=0, bool collectXRefs=TRUE)
 Parses a source file or fragment with the goal to produce highlighted and cross-referenced output. More...
void resetCodeParserState ()
 Resets the state of the code parser. More...
void setInsideCodeLine (bool inp)
bool insideCodeLine () const

Member Function Documentation

◆ parseCode()

void CCodeParser::parseCode ( CodeOutputInterface codeOutIntf,
const QCString scopeName,
const QCString input,
SrcLangExt  lang,
bool  isExampleBlock,
const QCString exampleName = QCString(),
const FileDef fileDef = 0,
int  startLine = -1,
int  endLine = -1,
bool  inlineFragment = FALSE,
const MemberDef memberDef = 0,
bool  showLineNumbers = TRUE,
const Definition searchCtx = 0,
bool  collectXRefs = TRUE 

Parses a source file or fragment with the goal to produce highlighted and cross-referenced output.

[in]codeOutIntfAbstract interface for writing the result.
[in]scopeNameName of scope to which the code belongs.
[in]inputActual code in the form of a string
[in]langThe programming language of the code fragment.
[in]isExampleBlockTRUE iff the code is part of an example.
[in]exampleNameName of the example.
[in]fileDefFile definition to which the code is associated.
[in]startLineStarting line in case of a code fragment.
[in]endLineEnding line of the code fragment.
[in]inlineFragmentCode fragment that is to be shown inline as part of the documentation.
[in]memberDefMember definition to which the code is associated (non null in case of an inline fragment for a member).
[in]showLineNumbersif set to TRUE and also fileDef is not 0, line numbers will be added to the source fragment
[in]searchCtxcontext under which search data has to be stored.
[in]collectXRefscollect cross-reference relations.

Implements CodeParserInterface.

◆ resetCodeParserState()

void CCodeParser::resetCodeParserState ( )

Resets the state of the code parser.

Since multiple code fragments can together form a single example, an explicit function is used to reset the code parser state.

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Implements CodeParserInterface.

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