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ClassDefMutable Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual void setIncludeFile (FileDef *fd, const QCString &incName, bool local, bool force)=0
virtual void setFileDef (FileDef *fd)=0
virtual void setSubGrouping (bool enabled)=0
virtual void setProtection (Protection p)=0
virtual void setGroupDefForAllMembers (GroupDef *g, Grouping::GroupPri_t pri, const QCString &fileName, int startLine, bool hasDocs)=0
virtual void setIsStatic (bool b)=0
virtual void setCompoundType (CompoundType t)=0
virtual void setClassName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setClassSpecifier (uint64 spec)=0
virtual void setTemplateArguments (const ArgumentList &al)=0
virtual void setTemplateBaseClassNames (const TemplateNameMap &templateNames)=0
virtual void setTemplateMaster (const ClassDef *tm)=0
virtual void setTypeConstraints (const ArgumentList &al)=0
virtual void setCategoryOf (ClassDef *cd)=0
virtual void setUsedOnly (bool b)=0
virtual void setTagLessReference (const ClassDef *cd)=0
virtual void setName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setMetaData (const QCString &md)=0
virtual void setRequiresClause (const QCString &req)=0
virtual void insertBaseClass (ClassDef *, const QCString &name, Protection p, Specifier s, const QCString &t=QCString())=0
virtual void insertSubClass (ClassDef *, Protection p, Specifier s, const QCString &t=QCString())=0
virtual void insertMember (MemberDef *)=0
virtual void insertUsedFile (const FileDef *)=0
virtual void addMembersToTemplateInstance (const ClassDef *cd, const ArgumentList &templateArguments, const QCString &templSpec)=0
virtual void addInnerCompound (const Definition *d)=0
virtual bool addExample (const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name, const QCString &file)=0
virtual void addUsedClass (ClassDef *cd, const QCString &accessName, Protection prot)=0
virtual void addUsedByClass (ClassDef *cd, const QCString &accessName, Protection prot)=0
virtual void makeTemplateArgument (bool b=TRUE)=0
virtual void mergeCategory (ClassDef *category)=0
virtual void findSectionsInDocumentation ()=0
virtual void addMembersToMemberGroup ()=0
virtual void addListReferences ()=0
virtual void addTypeConstraints ()=0
virtual void computeAnchors ()=0
virtual void mergeMembers ()=0
virtual void sortMemberLists ()=0
virtual void distributeMemberGroupDocumentation ()=0
virtual void reclassifyMember (MemberDefMutable *md, MemberType t)=0
virtual void removeMemberFromLists (MemberDef *md)=0
virtual void setAnonymousEnumType ()=0
virtual void countMembers ()=0
virtual void sortAllMembersList ()=0
virtual void writeDocumentation (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeDocumentationForInnerClasses (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeMemberPages (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeMemberList (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeDeclaration (OutputList &ol, const MemberDef *md, bool inGroup, int indentLevel, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, const QCString &inheritId) const =0
virtual void writeQuickMemberLinks (OutputList &ol, const MemberDef *md) const =0
virtual void writeSummaryLinks (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeInlineDocumentation (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeTagFile (TextStream &)=0
virtual void writeMemberDeclarations (OutputList &ol, ClassDefSet &visitedClasses, MemberListType lt, const QCString &title, const QCString &subTitle=QCString(), bool showInline=FALSE, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom=0, int lt2=-1, bool invert=FALSE, bool showAlways=FALSE) const =0
virtual void addGroupedInheritedMembers (OutputList &ol, MemberListType lt, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, const QCString &inheritId) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from DefinitionMutable
virtual void setId (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setDefFile (const QCString &df, int defLine, int defColumn)=0
virtual void setDocumentation (const QCString &d, const QCString &docFile, int docLine, bool stripWhiteSpace=TRUE)=0
virtual void setBriefDescription (const QCString &b, const QCString &briefFile, int briefLine)=0
virtual void setInbodyDocumentation (const QCString &d, const QCString &docFile, int docLine)=0
virtual void setReference (const QCString &r)=0
virtual void setBodySegment (int defLine, int bls, int ble)=0
virtual void setBodyDef (const FileDef *fd)=0
virtual void setRefItems (const RefItemVector &sli)=0
virtual void setOuterScope (Definition *d)=0
virtual void setHidden (bool b)=0
virtual void setArtificial (bool b)=0
virtual void setLanguage (SrcLangExt lang)=0
virtual void setLocalName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void makePartOfGroup (const GroupDef *gd)=0
virtual void addSectionsToDefinition (const std::vector< const SectionInfo *> &anchorList)=0
virtual void addSourceReferencedBy (const MemberDef *d)=0
virtual void addSourceReferences (const MemberDef *d)=0
virtual void mergeRefItems (Definition *d)=0
virtual void addSectionsToIndex ()=0
virtual void mergeReferences (const Definition *other)=0
virtual void mergeReferencedBy (const Definition *other)=0
virtual void computeTooltip ()=0
virtual void writeSourceDef (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeInlineCode (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual bool hasSourceRefs () const =0
virtual bool hasSourceReffedBy () const =0
virtual void writeSourceRefs (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeSourceReffedBy (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeNavigationPath (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeDocAnchorsToTagFile (TextStream &) const =0
virtual void writeToc (OutputList &ol, const LocalToc &lt) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClassDef
virtual DefType definitionType () const =0
 Used for RTTI, this is a class.
virtual QCString getOutputFileBase () const =0
 Returns the unique base name (without extension) of the class's file on disk.
virtual QCString getInstanceOutputFileBase () const =0
virtual QCString getSourceFileBase () const =0
 Returns the base name for the source code file.
virtual QCString getReference () const =0
 If this class originated from a tagfile, this will return the tag file reference.
virtual bool isReference () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is imported via a tag file.
virtual bool isLocal () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this is a local class definition, see EXTRACT_LOCAL_CLASSES.
virtual ClassLinkedRefMap getClasses () const =0
 returns the classes nested into this class
virtual bool hasDocumentation () const =0
 returns TRUE if this class has documentation
virtual bool hasDetailedDescription () const =0
 returns TRUE if this class has a non-empty detailed description
virtual QCString collaborationGraphFileName () const =0
 returns the file name to use for the collaboration graph
virtual QCString inheritanceGraphFileName () const =0
 returns the file name to use for the inheritance graph
virtual QCString displayName (bool includeScope=TRUE) const =0
 Returns the name as it is appears in the documentation.
virtual CompoundType compoundType () const =0
 Returns the type of compound this is, i.e. More...
virtual QCString compoundTypeString () const =0
 Returns the type of compound as a string.
virtual const BaseClassList & baseClasses () const =0
 Returns the list of base classes from which this class directly inherits.
virtual void updateBaseClasses (const BaseClassList &bcd)=0
 Update the list of base classes to the one passed.
virtual const BaseClassList & subClasses () const =0
 Returns the list of sub classes that directly derive from this class.
virtual void updateSubClasses (const BaseClassList &bcd)=0
 Update the list of sub classes to the one passed.
virtual const MemberNameInfoLinkedMapmemberNameInfoLinkedMap () const =0
 Returns a dictionary of all members. More...
virtual Protection protection () const =0
 Return the protection level (Public,Protected,Private) in which this compound was found.
virtual bool isLinkableInProject () const =0
 returns TRUE iff a link is possible to this item within this project.
virtual bool isLinkable () const =0
 return TRUE iff a link to this class is possible (either within this project, or as a cross-reference to another project).
virtual bool isVisibleInHierarchy () const =0
 the class is visible in a class diagram, or class hierarchy
virtual bool visibleInParentsDeclList () const =0
 show this class in the declaration section of its parent?
virtual const ArgumentListtemplateArguments () const =0
 Returns the template arguments of this class.
virtual FileDefgetFileDef () const =0
 Returns the namespace this compound is in, or 0 if it has a global scope. More...
virtual const MemberDefgetMemberByName (const QCString &) const =0
 Returns the Java package this class is in or 0 if not applicable.
virtual bool isBaseClass (const ClassDef *bcd, bool followInstances, int level=0) const =0
 Returns TRUE iff bcd is a direct or indirect base class of this class. More...
virtual bool isSubClass (ClassDef *bcd, int level=0) const =0
 Returns TRUE iff bcd is a direct or indirect sub class of this class.
virtual bool isAccessibleMember (const MemberDef *md) const =0
 returns TRUE iff md is a member of this class or of the the public/protected members of a base class
virtual const TemplateInstanceList & getTemplateInstances () const =0
 Returns a sorted dictionary with all template instances found for this template class. More...
virtual const ClassDeftemplateMaster () const =0
 Returns the template master of which this class is an instance. More...
virtual bool isTemplate () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is a template.
virtual const IncludeInfoincludeInfo () const =0
virtual const UsesClassListusedImplementationClasses () const =0
virtual const UsesClassListusedByImplementationClasses () const =0
virtual const ConstraintClassListtemplateTypeConstraints () const =0
virtual bool isTemplateArgument () const =0
virtual const DefinitionfindInnerCompound (const QCString &name) const =0
 Returns the definition of a nested compound if available, or 0 otherwise. More...
virtual ArgumentLists getTemplateParameterLists () const =0
 Returns the template parameter lists that form the template declaration of this class. More...
virtual QCString qualifiedNameWithTemplateParameters (const ArgumentLists *actualParams=0, uint *actualParamIndex=0) const =0
virtual bool isAbstract () const =0
 Returns TRUE if there is at least one pure virtual member in this class.
virtual bool isObjectiveC () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is implemented in Objective-C.
virtual bool isFortran () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is implemented in Fortran.
virtual bool isCSharp () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is implemented in C#.
virtual bool isFinal () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is marked as final.
virtual bool isSealed () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is marked as sealed.
virtual bool isPublished () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class is marked as published.
virtual bool isExtension () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class represents an Objective-C 2.0 extension (nameless category)
virtual bool isForwardDeclared () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class represents a forward declaration of a template class.
virtual bool isInterface () const =0
 Returns TRUE if this class represents an interface.
virtual ClassDefcategoryOf () const =0
 Returns the class of which this is a category (Objective-C only)
virtual QCString className () const =0
 Returns the name of the class including outer classes, but not including namespaces.
virtual MemberListgetMemberList (MemberListType lt) const =0
 Returns the members in the list identified by lt.
virtual const MemberListsgetMemberLists () const =0
 Returns the list containing the list of members sorted per type.
virtual const MemberGroupListgetMemberGroups () const =0
 Returns the member groups defined for this class.
virtual const TemplateNameMap & getTemplateBaseClassNames () const =0
virtual bool isUsedOnly () const =0
virtual QCString anchor () const =0
virtual bool isEmbeddedInOuterScope () const =0
virtual bool isSimple () const =0
virtual const ClassDeftagLessReference () const =0
virtual const MemberDefisSmartPointer () const =0
virtual bool isJavaEnum () const =0
virtual QCString title () const =0
virtual QCString generatedFromFiles () const =0
virtual const FileListusedFiles () const =0
virtual const ArgumentListtypeConstraints () const =0
virtual const ExampleListgetExamples () const =0
virtual bool hasExamples () const =0
virtual QCString getMemberListFileName () const =0
virtual bool subGrouping () const =0
virtual bool isSliceLocal () const =0
virtual bool hasNonReferenceSuperClass () const =0
virtual QCString requiresClause () const =0
virtual int countMembersIncludingGrouped (MemberListType lt, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, bool additional) const =0
virtual int countInheritanceNodes () const =0
virtual int countMemberDeclarations (MemberListType lt, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, int lt2, bool invert, bool showAlways, ClassDefSet &visitedClasses) const =0
virtual ClassDefinsertTemplateInstance (const QCString &fileName, int startLine, int startColumn, const QCString &templSpec, bool &freshInstance) const =0
virtual void writeDeclarationLink (OutputList &ol, bool &found, const QCString &header, bool localNames) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Definition
virtual CodeSymbolType codeSymbolType () const =0
virtual bool isAlias () const =0
virtual QCString name () const =0
virtual bool isAnonymous () const =0
virtual QCString localName () const =0
virtual QCString qualifiedName () const =0
virtual QCString symbolName () const =0
virtual QCString getSourceAnchor () const =0
virtual QCString documentation () const =0
virtual int docLine () const =0
virtual QCString docFile () const =0
virtual QCString briefDescription (bool abbreviate=FALSE) const =0
virtual QCString briefDescriptionAsTooltip () const =0
virtual int briefLine () const =0
virtual QCString inbodyDocumentation () const =0
virtual QCString inbodyFile () const =0
virtual int inbodyLine () const =0
virtual QCString briefFile () const =0
virtual QCString getDefFileName () const =0
virtual QCString getDefFileExtension () const =0
virtual int getDefLine () const =0
virtual int getDefColumn () const =0
virtual bool hasUserDocumentation () const =0
virtual bool isVisibleInProject () const =0
virtual bool isVisible () const =0
virtual bool isHidden () const =0
virtual bool isArtificial () const =0
virtual QCString externalReference (const QCString &relPath) const =0
virtual int getStartDefLine () const =0
virtual int getStartBodyLine () const =0
virtual int getEndBodyLine () const =0
virtual const FileDefgetBodyDef () const =0
virtual SrcLangExt getLanguage () const =0
 Returns the programming language this definition was written in. More...
virtual const GroupListpartOfGroups () const =0
virtual bool isLinkableViaGroup () const =0
virtual const RefItemVector & xrefListItems () const =0
virtual DefinitiongetOuterScope () const =0
virtual const MemberVectorgetReferencesMembers () const =0
virtual const MemberVectorgetReferencedByMembers () const =0
virtual bool hasSections () const =0
virtual bool hasSources () const =0
virtual bool hasBriefDescription () const =0
 returns TRUE if this class has a brief description
virtual QCString id () const =0
virtual const SectionRefsgetSectionRefs () const =0
 returns the section dictionary, only of importance for pagedef
virtual QCString navigationPathAsString () const =0
virtual QCString pathFragment () const =0
virtual void setCookie (Cookie *cookie) const =0
virtual Cookiecookie () const =0
virtual void _setSymbolName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString _symbolName () const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ClassDef
enum  CompoundType {
  Class, Struct, Union, Interface,
  Protocol, Category, Exception, Service,
 The various compound types.
- Public Types inherited from Definition
enum  DefType {
  TypeClass = 0, TypeFile = 1, TypeNamespace = 2, TypeMember = 3,
  TypeGroup = 4, TypePackage = 5, TypePage = 6, TypeDir = 7,
  TypeConcept = 8

Member Function Documentation

◆ setName()

virtual void ClassDefMutable::setName ( const QCString name)
pure virtual

Sets a new name for the definition

Implements DefinitionMutable.

Implemented in ClassDefImpl.

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