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CommentScanner Class Reference

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bool parseCommentBlock (OutlineParserInterface *parser, Entry *curEntry, const QCString &comment, const QCString &fileName, int &lineNr, bool isBrief, bool isJavadocStyle, bool isInbody, Protection &prot, int &position, bool &newEntryNeeded, bool markdownEnabled)
 Invokes the comment block parser with the request to parse a single comment block. More...
void initGroupInfo (Entry *entry)
void enterFile (const QCString &fileName, int lineNr)
void leaveFile (const QCString &fileName, int lineNr)
void enterCompound (const QCString &fileName, int line, const QCString &name)
void leaveCompound (const QCString &fileName, int line, const QCString &name)
void open (Entry *e, const QCString &fileName, int line, bool implicit=false)
void close (Entry *e, const QCString &fileName, int line, bool foundInline, bool implicit=false)

Member Function Documentation

◆ parseCommentBlock()

bool CommentScanner::parseCommentBlock ( OutlineParserInterface parser,
Entry curEntry,
const QCString comment,
const QCString fileName,
int &  lineNr,
bool  isBrief,
bool  isJavadocStyle,
bool  isInbody,
Protection prot,
int &  position,
bool &  newEntryNeeded,
bool  markdownEnabled 

Invokes the comment block parser with the request to parse a single comment block.

[in]parserThe language parse that invoked this function. The comment block parse may invoke ParserInterface::parsePrototype() in order to parse the argument of a @fn command.
[in]curEntryThe Entry to which the comment block belongs. Any information (like documentation) that is found in the comment block will be stored in this entry.
[in]commentA string representing the actual comment block. Note that leading *'s are already stripped from the comment block.
[in]fileNameThe name of the file in which the comment is found. Mainly used for producing warnings.
[in,out]lineNrThe line number at which the comment block was found. When the function returns it will be set to the last line parsed.
[in]isBriefTRUE iff this comment block represents a brief description.
[in]isJavadocStyleTRUE iff this comment block is in "Javadoc" style. This means that it starts as a brief description until the end of the sentences is found and then proceeds as a detailed description.
[in]isInbodyTRUE iff this comment block is located in the body of a function.
[in,out]protThe protection level in which this comment block was found. Commands in the comment block may override this.
[in,out]positionThe character position within comment where the comment block starts. Typically used in case the comment block contains multiple structural commands.
[out]newEntryNeededBoolean that is TRUE if the comment block parser finds that a the comment block finishes the entry and a new one needs to be started.
[in]markdownEnabledIndicates if markdown specific processing should be done.
TRUE if the comment requires further processing. The parameter newEntryNeeded will typically be true in this case and position will indicate the offset inside the comment string where to proceed parsing. FALSE indicates no further processing is needed.

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