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DefinitionMutable Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual void setName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setId (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setDefFile (const QCString &df, int defLine, int defColumn)=0
virtual void setDocumentation (const QCString &d, const QCString &docFile, int docLine, bool stripWhiteSpace=TRUE)=0
virtual void setBriefDescription (const QCString &b, const QCString &briefFile, int briefLine)=0
virtual void setInbodyDocumentation (const QCString &d, const QCString &docFile, int docLine)=0
virtual void setReference (const QCString &r)=0
virtual void setBodySegment (int defLine, int bls, int ble)=0
virtual void setBodyDef (const FileDef *fd)=0
virtual void setRefItems (const RefItemVector &sli)=0
virtual void setOuterScope (Definition *d)=0
virtual void setHidden (bool b)=0
virtual void setArtificial (bool b)=0
virtual void setLanguage (SrcLangExt lang)=0
virtual void setLocalName (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void makePartOfGroup (const GroupDef *gd)=0
virtual void addSectionsToDefinition (const std::vector< const SectionInfo *> &anchorList)=0
virtual void addSourceReferencedBy (const MemberDef *d)=0
virtual void addSourceReferences (const MemberDef *d)=0
virtual void mergeRefItems (Definition *d)=0
virtual void addInnerCompound (const Definition *d)=0
virtual void addSectionsToIndex ()=0
virtual void mergeReferences (const Definition *other)=0
virtual void mergeReferencedBy (const Definition *other)=0
virtual void computeTooltip ()=0
virtual void writeSourceDef (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeInlineCode (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual bool hasSourceRefs () const =0
virtual bool hasSourceReffedBy () const =0
virtual void writeSourceRefs (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeSourceReffedBy (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName) const =0
virtual void writeNavigationPath (OutputList &ol) const =0
virtual void writeQuickMemberLinks (OutputList &, const MemberDef *) const =0
virtual void writeSummaryLinks (OutputList &) const =0
virtual void writeDocAnchorsToTagFile (TextStream &) const =0
virtual void writeToc (OutputList &ol, const LocalToc &lt) const =0


DefinitiontoDefinition (DefinitionMutable *)

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSectionsToDefinition()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::addSectionsToDefinition ( const std::vector< const SectionInfo *> &  anchorList)
pure virtual

Add the list of anchors that mark the sections that are found in the documentation.

◆ setBriefDescription()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setBriefDescription ( const QCString b,
const QCString briefFile,
int  briefLine 
pure virtual

Sets the brief description of this definition to b. A dot is added to the sentence if not available.

Implemented in MemberDefMutable, and MemberDefImpl.

◆ setDefFile()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setDefFile ( const QCString df,
int  defLine,
int  defColumn 
pure virtual

Set a new file name and position

◆ setDocumentation()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setDocumentation ( const QCString d,
const QCString docFile,
int  docLine,
bool  stripWhiteSpace = TRUE 
pure virtual

Sets the documentation of this definition to d.

Implemented in MemberDefMutable, and MemberDefImpl.

◆ setId()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setId ( const QCString name)
pure virtual

Sets a unique id for the symbol. Used for libclang integration.

◆ setInbodyDocumentation()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setInbodyDocumentation ( const QCString d,
const QCString docFile,
int  docLine 
pure virtual

Set the documentation that was found inside the body of an item. If there was already some documentation set, the new documentation will be appended.

Implemented in MemberDefMutable, and MemberDefImpl.

◆ setName()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setName ( const QCString name)
pure virtual

Sets a new name for the definition

Implemented in ClassDefMutable, and ClassDefImpl.

◆ setReference()

virtual void DefinitionMutable::setReference ( const QCString r)
pure virtual

Sets the tag file id via which this definition was imported.

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