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DocbookCodeGenerator Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DocbookCodeGenerator (TextStream &t)
void setRelativePath (const QCString &path)
void setSourceFileName (const QCString &sourceFileName)
QCString sourceFileName ()
void codify (const QCString &text)
void writeCodeLink (CodeSymbolType type, const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name, const QCString &tooltip)
void writeCodeLinkLine (CodeSymbolType type, const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name, const QCString &tooltip, bool)
void writeTooltip (const QCString &, const DocLinkInfo &, const QCString &, const QCString &, const SourceLinkInfo &, const SourceLinkInfo &)
void startCodeLine (bool)
void endCodeLine ()
void startFontClass (const QCString &colorClass)
void endFontClass ()
void writeCodeAnchor (const QCString &)
void writeLineNumber (const QCString &extRef, const QCString &compId, const QCString &anchorId, int l, bool writeLineAnchor)
void setCurrentDoc (const Definition *, const QCString &, bool)
void addWord (const QCString &, bool)
void finish ()
void startCodeFragment (const QCString &style)
void endCodeFragment (const QCString &style)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeOutputInterface
 CodeOutputInterface (const CodeOutputInterface &)=delete
CodeOutputInterfaceoperator= (const CodeOutputInterface &)=delete
virtual int id () const
 Identifier for the output file.

Member Function Documentation

◆ codify()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::codify ( const QCString s)

Writes an code fragment to the output. This function should keep spaces visible, should break lines at a newline and should convert tabs to the right number of spaces.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endCodeFragment()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::endCodeFragment ( const QCString style)

Ends a block of code

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endCodeLine()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::endCodeLine ( )

Ends a line of code started with startCodeLine()

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endFontClass()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::endFontClass ( )

Ends a block started with startFontClass()

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ startCodeFragment()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::startCodeFragment ( const QCString style)

Starts a source code fragment. The fragment will be fed to the code parser (see code.h) for syntax highlighting and cross-referencing. The fragment ends by a call to endCodeFragment()

styleThe kind of code fragment.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ startFontClass()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::startFontClass ( const QCString clsName)

Starts a block with a certain meaning. Used for syntax highlighting, which elements of the same type are rendered using the same 'font class'.

clsNameThe category name.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeCodeAnchor()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::writeCodeAnchor ( const QCString name)

Write an anchor to a source listing.

nameThe name of the anchor.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeCodeLink()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::writeCodeLink ( CodeSymbolType  type,
const QCString ref,
const QCString file,
const QCString anchor,
const QCString name,
const QCString tooltip 

Writes a link to an object in a code fragment.

typeThe type of symbol, used for semantic syntax highlighting, may be Default is no info is available.
refIf this is non-zero, the object is to be found in an external documentation file.
fileThe file in which the object is located.
anchorThe anchor uniquely identifying the object within the file.
nameThe text to display as a placeholder for the link.
tooltipThe tooltip to display when the mouse is on the link.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeLineNumber()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::writeLineNumber ( const QCString ref,
const QCString file,
const QCString anchor,
int  lineNumber,
bool  writeLineAnchor 

Writes the line number of a source listing

refExternal reference (when imported from a tag file)
fileThe file part of the URL pointing to the docs.
anchorThe anchor part of the URL pointing to the docs.
lineNumberThe line number to write
writeLineAnchorIndicates if an anchor for the line number needs to be written

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeTooltip()

void DocbookCodeGenerator::writeTooltip ( const QCString id,
const DocLinkInfo docInfo,
const QCString decl,
const QCString desc,
const SourceLinkInfo defInfo,
const SourceLinkInfo declInfo 

Writes a tool tip definition

idunique identifier for the tooltip
docInfoInfo about the symbol's documentation.
declfull declaration of the symbol (for functions)
descbrief description for the symbol
defInfoInfo about the symbol's definition in the source code
declInfoInfo about the symbol's declaration in the source code

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

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