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DotGfxHierarchyTable Class Reference

Represents a graphical class hierarchy. More...

#include <dotgfxhierarchytable.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DotGfxHierarchyTable (const QCString &prefix="", ClassDef::CompoundType ct=ClassDef::Class)
void createGraph (DotNode *rootNode, TextStream &t, const QCString &path, const QCString &fileName, int id)
void writeGraph (TextStream &t, const QCString &path, const QCString &fileName)
const std::vector< DotNode * > subGraphs () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual QCString getBaseName () const
virtual QCString getMapLabel () const
virtual void computeTheGraph ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DotGraph
int getNextNodeNumber ()
 returns the node number. More...
int getNextEdgeNumber ()
 returns the edge number. More...
QCString writeGraph (TextStream &t, GraphOutputFormat gf, EmbeddedOutputFormat ef, const QCString &path, const QCString &fileName, const QCString &relPath, bool writeImageMap=TRUE, int graphId=-1)
virtual QCString absMapName () const
virtual QCString getImgAltText () const
QCString absBaseName () const
QCString absDotName () const
QCString imgName () const
QCString absImgName () const
QCString relImgName () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from DotGraph
static void writeGraphHeader (TextStream &t, const QCString &title=QCString())
static void writeGraphFooter (TextStream &t)
static void computeGraph (DotNode *root, GraphType gt, GraphOutputFormat format, const QCString &rank, bool renderParents, bool backArrows, const QCString &title, QCString &graphStr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DotGraph
GraphOutputFormat m_graphFormat = GOF_BITMAP
EmbeddedOutputFormat m_textFormat = EOF_Html
Dir m_dir
QCString m_fileName
QCString m_relPath
bool m_generateImageMap = false
int m_graphId = 0
QCString m_absPath
QCString m_baseName
QCString m_theGraph
bool m_regenerate = false
bool m_doNotAddImageToIndex = false
bool m_noDivTag = false
bool m_zoomable = true
bool m_urlOnly = false

Detailed Description

Represents a graphical class hierarchy.

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