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DotNode Class Reference

A node in a dot graph. More...

#include <dotnode.h>

Public Types

enum  TruncState { Unknown, Truncated, Untruncated }

Public Member Functions

 DotNode (DotGraph *graph, const QCString &lab, const QCString &tip, const QCString &url, bool rootNode=FALSE, const ClassDef *cd=0)
void addChild (DotNode *n, EdgeInfo::Colors edgeColor=EdgeInfo::Purple, EdgeInfo::Styles edgeStyle=EdgeInfo::Solid, const QCString &edgeLab=QCString(), const QCString &edgeURL=QCString(), int edgeLabCol=-1)
void addParent (DotNode *n)
void deleteNode (DotNodeRefVector &deletedList)
void removeChild (DotNode *n)
void removeParent (DotNode *n)
int findParent (DotNode *n)
void write (TextStream &t, GraphType gt, GraphOutputFormat f, bool topDown, bool toChildren, bool backArrows) const
void writeXML (TextStream &t, bool isClassGraph) const
void writeDocbook (TextStream &t, bool isClassGraph) const
void writeDEF (TextStream &t) const
void writeLabel (TextStream &t, GraphType gt) const
void writeUrl (TextStream &t) const
void writeBox (TextStream &t, GraphType gt, GraphOutputFormat f, bool hasNonReachableChildren) const
void writeArrow (TextStream &t, GraphType gt, GraphOutputFormat f, const DotNode *cn, const EdgeInfo *ei, bool topDown, bool pointBack=TRUE) const
QCString label () const
int number () const
bool isVisible () const
TruncState isTruncated () const
int distance () const
int subgraphId () const
bool isRenumbered () const
bool hasDocumentation () const
bool isWritten () const
void clearWriteFlag ()
void renumberNodes (int &number)
void markRenumbered ()
DotNodemarkHasDocumentation ()
void setSubgraphId (int id)
void colorConnectedNodes (int curColor)
void setDistance (int distance)
void markAsVisible (bool b=TRUE)
DotNodemarkAsTruncated (bool b=TRUE)
const DotNodeRefVector & children () const
const DotNodeRefVector & parents () const
const EdgeInfoVector & edgeInfo () const
DotNodesetNodeId (int number)

Static Public Member Functions

static void deleteNodes (DotNode *node)
static QCString convertLabel (const QCString &, bool htmlLike=false)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr auto placeholderUrl = "-"

Detailed Description

A node in a dot graph.

Member Function Documentation

◆ deleteNodes()

void DotNode::deleteNodes ( DotNode node)

helper function that deletes all nodes in a connected graph, given one of the graph's nodes

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