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Entry Class Reference

Represents an unstructured piece of information, about an entity found in the sources. More...

#include <entry.h>

Public Types

enum  Sections {
  CLASSDOC_SEC = 0x00000800, STRUCTDOC_SEC = 0x00001000, UNIONDOC_SEC = 0x00002000, EXCEPTIONDOC_SEC = 0x00004000,
  NAMESPACEDOC_SEC = 0x00008000, INTERFACEDOC_SEC = 0x00010000, PROTOCOLDOC_SEC = 0x00020000, CATEGORYDOC_SEC = 0x00040000,
  SERVICEDOC_SEC = 0x00080000, SINGLETONDOC_SEC = 0x00100000, COMPOUNDDOC_MASK, SOURCE_SEC = 0x00400000,
  HEADER_SEC = 0x00800000, FILE_MASK = SOURCE_SEC | HEADER_SEC, ENUMDOC_SEC = 0x01000000, ENUM_SEC = 0x02000000,
  EMPTY_SEC = 0x03000000, PAGEDOC_SEC = 0x04000000, VARIABLE_SEC = 0x05000000, FUNCTION_SEC = 0x06000000,
  TYPEDEF_SEC = 0x07000000, MEMBERDOC_SEC = 0x08000000, OVERLOADDOC_SEC = 0x09000000, EXAMPLE_SEC = 0x0a000000,
  VARIABLEDOC_SEC = 0x0b000000, FILEDOC_SEC = 0x0c000000, DEFINEDOC_SEC = 0x0d000000, INCLUDE_SEC = 0x0e000000,
  DEFINE_SEC = 0x0f000000, GROUPDOC_SEC = 0x10000000, USINGDIR_SEC = 0x11000000, MAINPAGEDOC_SEC = 0x12000000,
  MEMBERGRP_SEC = 0x13000000, USINGDECL_SEC = 0x14000000, PACKAGE_SEC = 0x15000000, PACKAGEDOC_SEC = 0x16000000,
  OBJCIMPL_SEC = 0x17000000, DIRDOC_SEC = 0x18000000, EXPORTED_INTERFACE_SEC = 0x19000000, INCLUDED_SERVICE_SEC = 0x1A000000,

Public Member Functions

 Entry (const Entry &)
int getSize ()
void addSpecialListItem (const char *listName, int index)
void setParent (Entry *parent)
Entryparent () const
const QList< Entry > * children () const
void addSubEntry (Entry *e)
EntryremoveSubEntry (Entry *e)
void reset ()
void changeSection (int sec)
void setFileDef (FileDef *fd)
FileDeffileDef () const
const char * groupDocCmd () const
 return the command name used to define GROUPDOC_SEC
Grouping::GroupPri_t groupingPri () const

Public Attributes

int section
 entry type (see Sections);
QCString type
 member type
QCString name
 member name
 tag file info
Protection protection
 class protection
MethodTypes mtype
 signal, slot, (dcop) method, or property?
uint64 spec
 class/member specifiers
int initLines
 define/variable initializer lines to show
bool stat
 static ?
bool explicitExternal
 explicitly defined as external?
bool proto
 prototype ?
bool subGrouping
 automatically group class members?
bool callGraph
 do we need to draw the call graph?
bool callerGraph
 do we need to draw the caller graph?
bool referencedByRelation
 do we need to show the referenced by relation?
bool referencesRelation
 do we need to show the references relation?
Specifier virt
 virtualness of the entry
QCString args
 member argument string
QCString bitfields
 member's bit fields
 member arguments as a list
QList< ArgumentList > * tArgLists
 template argument declarations
QGString program
 the program text
QGString initializer
 initial value (for variables)
QCString includeFile
 include file (2 arg of \class, must be unique)
QCString includeName
 include name (3 arg of \class)
QCString doc
 documentation block (partly parsed)
int docLine
 line number at which the documentation was found
QCString docFile
 file in which the documentation was found
QCString brief
 brief description (doc block)
int briefLine
 line number at which the brief desc. was found
QCString briefFile
 file in which the brief desc. was found
QCString inbodyDocs
 documentation inside the body of a function
int inbodyLine
 line number at which the body doc was found
QCString inbodyFile
 file in which the body doc was found
QCString relates
 related class (doc block)
RelatesType relatesType
 how relates is handled
QCString read
 property read accessor
QCString write
 property write accessor
QCString inside
 name of the class in which documents are found
QCString exception
 throw specification
 where clause (C#) for type constraints
int bodyLine
 line number of the definition in the source
int endBodyLine
 line number where the definition ends
int mGrpId
 member group id
QList< BaseInfo > * extends
 list of base classes
QList< Grouping > * groups
 list of groups this entry belongs to
QList< SectionInfo > * anchors
 list of anchors defined in this entry
QCString fileName
 file this entry was extracted from
int startLine
 start line of entry in the source
int startColumn
 start column of entry in the source
QList< ListItemInfo > * sli
 special lists (test/todo/bug/deprecated/..) this entry is in
SrcLangExt lang
 programming language in which this entry was found
bool hidden
 does this represent an entity that is hidden from the output
bool artificial
 Artificially introduced item.
GroupDocType groupDocType
QCString id
 libclang id
LocalToc localToc
QCString metaData
 Slice metadata.

Static Public Attributes

static const uint64 Template = (1ULL<<0)
static const uint64 Generic = (1ULL<<1)
static const uint64 Ref = (1ULL<<2)
static const uint64 Value = (1ULL<<3)
static const uint64 Interface = (1ULL<<4)
static const uint64 Struct = (1ULL<<5)
static const uint64 Union = (1ULL<<6)
static const uint64 Exception = (1ULL<<7)
static const uint64 Protocol = (1ULL<<8)
static const uint64 Category = (1ULL<<9)
static const uint64 SealedClass = (1ULL<<10)
static const uint64 AbstractClass = (1ULL<<11)
static const uint64 Enum = (1ULL<<12)
static const uint64 Service = (1ULL<<13)
static const uint64 Singleton = (1ULL<<14)
static const uint64 ForwardDecl = (1ULL<<15)
static const uint64 Local = (1ULL<<16)
static const uint64 ConstExpr = (1ULL<<19)
static const uint64 PrivateGettable = (1ULL<<20)
static const uint64 ProtectedGettable = (1ULL<<21)
static const uint64 PrivateSettable = (1ULL<<22)
static const uint64 ProtectedSettable = (1ULL<<23)
static const uint64 Inline = (1ULL<<24)
static const uint64 Explicit = (1ULL<<25)
static const uint64 Mutable = (1ULL<<26)
static const uint64 Settable = (1ULL<<27)
static const uint64 Gettable = (1ULL<<28)
static const uint64 Readable = (1ULL<<29)
static const uint64 Writable = (1ULL<<30)
static const uint64 Final = (1ULL<<31)
static const uint64 Abstract = (1ULL<<32)
static const uint64 Addable = (1ULL<<33)
static const uint64 Removable = (1ULL<<34)
static const uint64 Raisable = (1ULL<<35)
static const uint64 Override = (1ULL<<36)
static const uint64 New = (1ULL<<37)
static const uint64 Sealed = (1ULL<<38)
static const uint64 Initonly = (1ULL<<39)
static const uint64 Optional = (1ULL<<40)
static const uint64 Required = (1ULL<<41)
static const uint64 NonAtomic = (1ULL<<42)
static const uint64 Copy = (1ULL<<43)
static const uint64 Retain = (1ULL<<44)
static const uint64 Assign = (1ULL<<45)
static const uint64 Strong = (1ULL<<46)
static const uint64 Weak = (1ULL<<47)
static const uint64 Unretained = (1ULL<<48)
static const uint64 Alias = (1ULL<<49)
static const uint64 ConstExp = (1ULL<<50)
static const uint64 Default = (1ULL<<51)
static const uint64 Delete = (1ULL<<52)
static const uint64 NoExcept = (1ULL<<53)
static const uint64 Attribute = (1ULL<<54)
static const uint64 Property = (1ULL<<55)
static const uint64 Readonly = (1ULL<<56)
static const uint64 Bound = (1ULL<<57)
static const uint64 Constrained = (1ULL<<58)
static const uint64 Transient = (1ULL<<59)
static const uint64 MaybeVoid = (1ULL<<60)
static const uint64 MaybeDefault = (1ULL<<61)
static const uint64 MaybeAmbiguous = (1ULL<<62)
static const uint64 Published = (1ULL<<63)
static int num =0
 counts the total number of entries

Detailed Description

Represents an unstructured piece of information, about an entity found in the sources.

parseMain() in scanner.l will generate a tree of these entries.

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ GroupDocType







§ Sections

Kind of entries that are supported

Member Function Documentation

§ addSubEntry()

void Entry::addSubEntry ( Entry e)

Adds entry e as a child to this entry

§ children()

const QList<Entry>* Entry::children ( ) const

Returns the list of children for this Entry

See also
addSubEntry() and removeSubEntry()

§ getSize()

int Entry::getSize ( )

Returns the static size of the Entry (so excluding any dynamic memory)

§ parent()

Entry* Entry::parent ( ) const

Returns the parent for this Entry or 0 if this entry has no parent.

§ removeSubEntry()

Entry * Entry::removeSubEntry ( Entry e)

Removes entry e from the list of children. Returns a pointer to the entry or 0 if the entry was not a child. Note the entry will not be deleted.

§ reset()

void Entry::reset ( )

Restore the state of this Entry to the default value it has at construction time.

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