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FTVHelp Class Reference

A class that generates a dynamic tree view side panel. More...

#include <ftvhelp.h>


struct  Private

Public Member Functions

 FTVHelp (bool LTI)
 FTVHelp (FTVHelp &&)
void initialize ()
void finalize ()
void incContentsDepth ()
void decContentsDepth ()
void addContentsItem (bool isDir, const QCString &name, const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, bool separateIndex, bool addToNavIndex, const Definition *def)
void addIndexItem (const Definition *, const MemberDef *, const QCString &, const QCString &)
void addIndexFile (const QCString &)
void addImageFile (const QCString &)
void addStyleSheetFile (const QCString &)
void generateTreeView ()
void generateTreeViewInline (TextStream &t)
void generateTreeViewScripts ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void generateTreeViewImages ()

Detailed Description

A class that generates a dynamic tree view side panel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FTVHelp()

FTVHelp::FTVHelp ( bool  TLI)

Constructs an ftv help object. The object has to be initialized before it can be used.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addContentsItem()

void FTVHelp::addContentsItem ( bool  isDir,
const QCString name,
const QCString ref,
const QCString file,
const QCString anchor,
bool  separateIndex,
bool  addToNavIndex,
const Definition def 

Add a list item to the contents file.

isDirTRUE if the item is a directory, FALSE if it is a text
namethe name of the item.
refthe URL of to the item.
filethe file containing the definition of the item
anchorthe anchor within the file.
separateIndexput the entries in a separate index file
addToNavIndexadd this entry to the quick navigation index
defDefinition corresponding to this entry

◆ decContentsDepth()

void FTVHelp::decContentsDepth ( )

Decrease the level of the contents hierarchy. This will end the current sublist.

See also

◆ finalize()

void FTVHelp::finalize ( )

Finalizes the FTV help. This will finish and close the contents file (index.js).

See also

◆ incContentsDepth()

void FTVHelp::incContentsDepth ( )

Increase the level of the contents hierarchy. This will start a new sublist in contents file.

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◆ initialize()

void FTVHelp::initialize ( )

This will create a folder tree view table of contents file (tree.js).

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