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HtmlGenerator Class Reference

Generator for HTML output. More...

#include <htmlgen.h>

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Public Member Functions

HtmlGeneratoroperator= (const HtmlGenerator &g)
 HtmlGenerator (const HtmlGenerator &g)
virtual std::unique_ptr< OutputGeneratorclone () const
virtual OutputType type () const
void codify (const char *text)
void writeCodeLink (const char *ref, const char *file, const char *anchor, const char *name, const char *tooltip)
void writeLineNumber (const char *ref, const char *file, const char *anchor, int lineNumber)
void writeTooltip (const char *id, const DocLinkInfo &docInfo, const char *decl, const char *desc, const SourceLinkInfo &defInfo, const SourceLinkInfo &declInfo)
void startCodeLine (bool hasLineNumbers)
void endCodeLine ()
void startFontClass (const char *s)
void endFontClass ()
void writeCodeAnchor (const char *anchor)
void startCodeFragment (const char *style)
void endCodeFragment (const char *style)
void setCurrentDoc (const Definition *context, const char *anchor, bool isSourceFile)
void addWord (const char *word, bool hiPriority)
void writeDoc (DocNode *, const Definition *, const MemberDef *, int id)
void startFile (const char *name, const char *manName, const char *title, int id)
void writeFooter (const char *navPath)
void endFile ()
void clearBuffer ()
void writeSearchInfo ()
void startIndexSection (IndexSections)
void endIndexSection (IndexSections)
void writePageLink (const char *, bool)
void startProjectNumber ()
void endProjectNumber ()
void writeStyleInfo (int part)
void startTitleHead (const char *)
void endTitleHead (const char *, const char *)
void startTitle ()
void endTitle ()
void startParagraph (const char *classDef)
void endParagraph ()
void writeString (const char *text)
void startIndexListItem ()
void endIndexListItem ()
void startIndexList ()
void endIndexList ()
void startIndexKey ()
void endIndexKey ()
void startIndexValue (bool)
void endIndexValue (const char *, bool)
void startItemList ()
void endItemList ()
void startIndexItem (const char *ref, const char *file)
void endIndexItem (const char *ref, const char *file)
void docify (const char *text)
void writeObjectLink (const char *ref, const char *file, const char *anchor, const char *name)
void startTextLink (const char *file, const char *anchor)
void endTextLink ()
void startHtmlLink (const char *url)
void endHtmlLink ()
void startTypewriter ()
void endTypewriter ()
void startGroupHeader (int)
void endGroupHeader (int)
void startItemListItem ()
void endItemListItem ()
void startMemberSections ()
void endMemberSections ()
void startHeaderSection ()
void endHeaderSection ()
void startMemberHeader (const char *, int)
void endMemberHeader ()
void startMemberSubtitle ()
void endMemberSubtitle ()
void startMemberDocList ()
void endMemberDocList ()
void startMemberList ()
void endMemberList ()
void startInlineHeader ()
void endInlineHeader ()
void startAnonTypeScope (int)
void endAnonTypeScope (int)
void startMemberItem (const char *anchor, int, const char *inheritId)
void endMemberItem ()
void startMemberTemplateParams ()
void endMemberTemplateParams (const char *anchor, const char *inheritId)
void startMemberGroupHeader (bool)
void endMemberGroupHeader ()
void startMemberGroupDocs ()
void endMemberGroupDocs ()
void startMemberGroup ()
void endMemberGroup (bool)
void insertMemberAlign (bool)
void insertMemberAlignLeft (int, bool)
void startMemberDescription (const char *anchor, const char *inheritId, bool typ)
void endMemberDescription ()
void startMemberDeclaration ()
void endMemberDeclaration (const char *anchor, const char *inheritId)
void writeInheritedSectionTitle (const char *id, const char *ref, const char *file, const char *anchor, const char *title, const char *name)
void writeRuler ()
void writeAnchor (const char *, const char *name)
void startEmphasis ()
void endEmphasis ()
void startBold ()
void endBold ()
void startDescription ()
void endDescription ()
void startDescItem ()
void endDescItem ()
void startDescForItem ()
void endDescForItem ()
void lineBreak (const char *style)
void writeChar (char c)
void startMemberDoc (const char *clName, const char *memName, const char *anchor, const char *title, int memCount, int memTotal, bool showInline)
void endMemberDoc (bool)
void startDoxyAnchor (const char *fName, const char *manName, const char *anchor, const char *name, const char *args)
void endDoxyAnchor (const char *fName, const char *anchor)
void writeLatexSpacing ()
void writeStartAnnoItem (const char *type, const char *file, const char *path, const char *name)
void writeEndAnnoItem (const char *)
void startSubsection ()
void endSubsection ()
void startSubsubsection ()
void endSubsubsection ()
void startCenter ()
void endCenter ()
void startSmall ()
void endSmall ()
void startExamples ()
void endExamples ()
void startParamList (ParamListTypes, const char *)
void endParamList ()
void startSection (const char *, const char *, SectionType)
void endSection (const char *, SectionType)
void addIndexItem (const char *, const char *)
void startIndent ()
void endIndent ()
void writeSynopsis ()
void startClassDiagram ()
void endClassDiagram (const ClassDiagram &, const char *, const char *)
void startPageRef ()
void endPageRef (const char *, const char *)
void startQuickIndices ()
void endQuickIndices ()
void writeSplitBar (const char *name)
void writeNavigationPath (const char *s)
void writeLogo ()
void writeQuickLinks (bool compact, HighlightedItem hli, const char *file)
void writeSummaryLink (const char *file, const char *anchor, const char *title, bool first)
void startContents ()
void endContents ()
void startPageDoc (const char *pageTitle)
void endPageDoc ()
void writeNonBreakableSpace (int)
void startDescTable (const char *title)
void endDescTable ()
void startDescTableRow ()
void endDescTableRow ()
void startDescTableTitle ()
void endDescTableTitle ()
void startDescTableData ()
void endDescTableData ()
void startDotGraph ()
void endDotGraph (DotClassGraph &g)
void startInclDepGraph ()
void endInclDepGraph (DotInclDepGraph &g)
void startGroupCollaboration ()
void endGroupCollaboration (DotGroupCollaboration &g)
void startCallGraph ()
void endCallGraph (DotCallGraph &g)
void startDirDepGraph ()
void endDirDepGraph (DotDirDeps &g)
void writeGraphicalHierarchy (DotGfxHierarchyTable &g)
void startTextBlock (bool)
void endTextBlock (bool)
void lastIndexPage ()
void startMemberDocPrefixItem ()
void endMemberDocPrefixItem ()
void startMemberDocName (bool)
void endMemberDocName ()
void startParameterType (bool first, const char *key)
void endParameterType ()
void startParameterName (bool)
void endParameterName (bool last, bool emptyList, bool closeBracket)
void startParameterList (bool)
void endParameterList ()
virtual void exceptionEntry (const char *, bool)
void startConstraintList (const char *)
void startConstraintParam ()
void endConstraintParam ()
void startConstraintType ()
void endConstraintType ()
void startConstraintDocs ()
void endConstraintDocs ()
void endConstraintList ()
void startMemberDocSimple (bool)
void endMemberDocSimple (bool)
void startInlineMemberType ()
void endInlineMemberType ()
void startInlineMemberName ()
void endInlineMemberName ()
void startInlineMemberDoc ()
void endInlineMemberDoc ()
void startLabels ()
void writeLabel (const char *l, bool isLast)
void endLabels ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OutputGenerator
 OutputGenerator (const char *dir)
 OutputGenerator (const OutputGenerator &o)
OutputGeneratoroperator= (const OutputGenerator &o)
void enable ()
void disable ()
void enableIf (OutputType o)
void disableIf (OutputType o)
void disableIfNot (OutputType o)
bool isEnabled (OutputType o)
OutputGeneratorget (OutputType o)
QCString dir () const
QCString fileName () const
void startPlainFile (const char *name)
void endPlainFile ()
bool isEnabled () const
void pushGeneratorState ()
void popGeneratorState ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseOutputDocInterface
virtual void parseText (const QCString &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeOutputInterface
virtual int id () const
 Identifier for the output file.

Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()
static void writeStyleSheetFile (QFile &f)
static void writeHeaderFile (QFile &f, const char *cssname)
static void writeFooterFile (QFile &f)
static void writeTabData ()
 Additional initialization after indices have been created.
static void writeSearchInfo (FTextStream &t, const QCString &relPath)
static void writeSearchData (const char *dir)
static void writeSearchPage ()
static void writeExternalSearchPage ()
static QCString writeLogoAsString (const char *path)
static QCString writeSplitBarAsString (const char *name, const char *relpath)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from OutputGenerator
enum  OutputType {
  Html, Latex, Man, RTF,
  XML, DEF, Perl, Docbook
- Public Types inherited from BaseOutputDocInterface
enum  ParamListTypes { Param, RetVal, Exception }
enum  SectionTypes { EnumValues, Examples }
- Protected Attributes inherited from OutputGenerator
FTextStream t

Detailed Description

Generator for HTML output.

Member Function Documentation

◆ codify()

void HtmlGenerator::codify ( const char *  s)

Writes an code fragment to the output. This function should keep spaces visible, should break lines at a newline and should convert tabs to the right number of spaces.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ docify()

void HtmlGenerator::docify ( const char *  s)

Writes an ASCII string to the output. Converts characters that have A special meaning, like & in html.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endBold()

void HtmlGenerator::endBold ( )

End a section of text displayed in bold face.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endCodeFragment()

void HtmlGenerator::endCodeFragment ( const char *  style)

Ends a block of code

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endCodeLine()

void HtmlGenerator::endCodeLine ( )

Ends a line of code started with startCodeLine()

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endDescItem()

void HtmlGenerator::endDescItem ( )

Ends an item of a description list and starts the description itself: e.g. </dt> in HTML.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endDescription()

void HtmlGenerator::endDescription ( )

Ends a description list: e.g. </dl> in HTML

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endEmphasis()

void HtmlGenerator::endEmphasis ( )

Ends a section of text displayed in italic.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endFontClass()

void HtmlGenerator::endFontClass ( )

Ends a block started with startFontClass()

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ endHtmlLink()

void HtmlGenerator::endHtmlLink ( )

Ends a link started by startHtmlLink().

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endItemList()

void HtmlGenerator::endItemList ( )

Ends a bullet list: e.g. </ul> in html

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endItemListItem()

void HtmlGenerator::endItemListItem ( )

Writes a list item for a bullet or enumerated list: e.g. </li> in html

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endParagraph()

void HtmlGenerator::endParagraph ( )

Ends a paragraph

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ endTypewriter()

void HtmlGenerator::endTypewriter ( )

End a section of text displayed in typewriter style.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startBold()

void HtmlGenerator::startBold ( )

Changes the text font to bold face. The bold section ends with endBold()

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startCodeFragment()

void HtmlGenerator::startCodeFragment ( const char *  style)

Starts a source code fragment. The fragment will be fed to the code parser (see code.h) for syntax highlighting and cross-referencing. The fragment ends by a call to endCodeFragment()

styleThe kind of code fragment.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ startDescItem()

void HtmlGenerator::startDescItem ( )

Starts an item of a description list: e.g. <dt> in HTML.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startDescription()

void HtmlGenerator::startDescription ( )

Starts a description list: e.g. <dl> in HTML Items are surrounded by startDescItem() and endDescItem()

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startEmphasis()

void HtmlGenerator::startEmphasis ( )

Changes the text font to italic. The italic section ends with endEmphasis()

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startFontClass()

void HtmlGenerator::startFontClass ( const char *  clsName)

Starts a block with a certain meaning. Used for syntax highlighting, which elements of the same type are rendered using the same 'font class'.

clsNameThe category name.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ startHtmlLink()

void HtmlGenerator::startHtmlLink ( const char *  url)

Starts a (link to an) URL found in the documentation.

urlThe URL to link to.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startItemList()

void HtmlGenerator::startItemList ( )

Start of a bullet list: e.g. <ul> in html. startItemListItem() is Used for the bullet items.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startItemListItem()

void HtmlGenerator::startItemListItem ( )

Writes a list item for a bullet or enumerated list: e.g. <li> in html

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startParagraph()

void HtmlGenerator::startParagraph ( const char *  classDef)

Starts a new paragraph

Starts a new paragraph

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ startTypewriter()

void HtmlGenerator::startTypewriter ( )

Changes the text font to fixed size. The section ends with endTypewriter()

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ writeChar()

void HtmlGenerator::writeChar ( char  c)

Writes a single ASCII character to the output. Converts characters that have a special meaning.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ writeCodeAnchor()

void HtmlGenerator::writeCodeAnchor ( const char *  name)

Write an anchor to a source listing.

nameThe name of the anchor.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeCodeLink()

void HtmlGenerator::writeCodeLink ( const char *  ref,
const char *  file,
const char *  anchor,
const char *  name,
const char *  tooltip 

Writes a link to an object in a code fragment.

refIf this is non-zero, the object is to be found in an external documentation file.
fileThe file in which the object is located.
anchorThe anchor uniquely identifying the object within the file.
nameThe text to display as a placeholder for the link.
tooltipThe tooltip to display when the mouse is on the link.

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeLineNumber()

void HtmlGenerator::writeLineNumber ( const char *  ref,
const char *  file,
const char *  anchor,
int  lineNumber 

Writes the line number of a source listing

refExternal reference (when imported from a tag file)
fileThe file part of the URL pointing to the docs.
anchorThe anchor part of the URL pointing to the docs.
lineNumberThe line number to write

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

◆ writeObjectLink()

void HtmlGenerator::writeObjectLink ( const char *  ref,
const char *  file,
const char *  anchor,
const char *  name 

Writes a link to an object in the documentation.

refIf this is non-zero, the object is to be found in an external documentation file.
fileThe file in which the object is located.
anchorThe anchor uniquely identifying the object within the file.
nameThe text to display as a placeholder for the link.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ writeRuler()

void HtmlGenerator::writeRuler ( )

Writes a horizontal ruler to the output

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ writeString()

void HtmlGenerator::writeString ( const char *  text)

Writes an ASCII string to the output, without converting special characters.

Implements BaseOutputDocInterface.

◆ writeTooltip()

void HtmlGenerator::writeTooltip ( const char *  id,
const DocLinkInfo docInfo,
const char *  decl,
const char *  desc,
const SourceLinkInfo defInfo,
const SourceLinkInfo declInfo 

Writes a tool tip definition

idunique identifier for the tooltip
docInfoInfo about the symbol's documentation.
declfull declaration of the symbol (for functions)
descbrief description for the symbol
defInfoInfo about the symbol's definition in the source code
declInfoInfo about the symbol's declaration in the source code

Implements CodeOutputInterface.

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