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Index Class Reference


struct  Private

Public Types

using MemberIndexList = std::vector< const MemberDef * >
using MemberIndexMap = std::map< std::string, MemberIndexList >

Public Member Functions

void countDataStructures ()
void addClassMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void addFileMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void addNamespaceMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void addModuleMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void sortMemberIndexLists ()
int numAnnotatedClasses () const
int numAnnotatedClassesPrinted () const
int numHierarchyClasses () const
int numAnnotatedInterfaces () const
int numAnnotatedInterfacesPrinted () const
int numHierarchyInterfaces () const
int numAnnotatedStructs () const
int numAnnotatedStructsPrinted () const
int numAnnotatedExceptions () const
int numAnnotatedExceptionsPrinted () const
int numHierarchyExceptions () const
int numDocumentedGroups () const
int numDocumentedNamespaces () const
int numDocumentedConcepts () const
int numDocumentedModules () const
int numIndexedPages () const
int numDocumentedFiles () const
int numDocumentedPages () const
int numDocumentedDirs () const
int numDocumentedClassMembers (ClassMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
int numDocumentedFileMembers (FileMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
int numDocumentedNamespaceMembers (NamespaceMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
int numDocumentedModuleMembers (ModuleMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
MemberIndexMap isClassIndexLetterUsed (ClassMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
MemberIndexMap isFileIndexLetterUsed (FileMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
MemberIndexMap isNamespaceIndexLetterUsed (NamespaceMemberHighlight::Enum e) const
MemberIndexMap isModuleIndexLetterUsed (ModuleMemberHighlight::Enum e) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Indexinstance ()

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