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MemberGroup Class Reference

A class representing a group of members. More...

#include <membergroup.h>

Public Member Functions

 MemberGroup (const Definition *container, int id, const QCString &header, const QCString &docs, const QCString &docFile, int docLine, MemberListContainer con)
QCString header () const
int groupId () const
void insertMember (const MemberDef *md)
void setAnchors ()
void writePlainDeclarations (OutputList &ol, bool inGroup, const ClassDef *cd, const NamespaceDef *nd, const FileDef *fd, const GroupDef *gd, int indentLevel, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, const QCString &inheritId) const
void writeDeclarations (OutputList &ol, const ClassDef *cd, const NamespaceDef *nd, const FileDef *fd, const GroupDef *gd, bool showInline=FALSE) const
void writeDocumentation (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName, const Definition *container, bool showEnumValues, bool showInline) const
void writeDocumentationPage (OutputList &ol, const QCString &scopeName, const DefinitionMutable *container) const
void writeTagFile (TextStream &)
void addGroupedInheritedMembers (OutputList &ol, const ClassDef *cd, MemberListType lt, const ClassDef *inheritedFrom, const QCString &inheritId) const
void setAnonymousEnumType ()
const QCStringdocumentation () const
bool allMembersInSameSection () const
void addToDeclarationSection ()
void countDecMembers ()
void countDocMembers ()
int countGroupedInheritedMembers (MemberListType lt)
void distributeMemberGroupDocumentation ()
void findSectionsInDocumentation (const Definition *d)
int numDecMembers () const
int numDecEnumValues () const
int numDocMembers () const
int numDocEnumValues () const
const Definitioncontainer () const
int countInheritableMembers (const ClassDef *inheritedFrom) const
void addListReferences (Definition *d)
void setRefItems (const RefItemVector &sli)
const MemberListmembers () const
QCString anchor () const
QCString docFile () const
int docLine () const

Detailed Description

A class representing a group of members.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToDeclarationSection()

void MemberGroup::addToDeclarationSection ( )

Add this group as a subsection of the declaration section, instead of rendering it in its own section

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