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OutputGenerator Class Referenceabstract

Abstract output generator. More...

#include <outputgen.h>

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Public Types

enum  OutputType {
  Html, Latex, Man, RTF,
  XML, DEF, Perl, Docbook
- Public Types inherited from BaseOutputDocInterface
enum  ParamListTypes { Param, RetVal, Exception }
enum  SectionTypes { EnumValues, Examples }

Public Member Functions

 OutputGenerator (const QCString &dir)
 OutputGenerator (const OutputGenerator &o)
OutputGeneratoroperator= (const OutputGenerator &o)
virtual OutputType type () const =0
virtual std::unique_ptr< OutputGeneratorclone () const =0
void enable ()
void disable ()
void enableIf (OutputType o)
void disableIf (OutputType o)
void disableIfNot (OutputType o)
bool isEnabled (OutputType o)
OutputGeneratorget (OutputType o)
QCString dir () const
QCString fileName () const
void startPlainFile (const QCString &name)
void endPlainFile ()
bool isEnabled () const
void pushGeneratorState ()
void popGeneratorState ()
virtual void writeDoc (const IDocNodeAST *ast, const Definition *ctx, const MemberDef *md, int id)=0
virtual void startFile (const QCString &name, const QCString &manName, const QCString &title, int id=0)=0
virtual void writeSearchInfo ()=0
virtual void writeFooter (const QCString &navPath)=0
virtual void endFile ()=0
virtual void startIndexSection (IndexSections)=0
virtual void endIndexSection (IndexSections)=0
virtual void writePageLink (const QCString &, bool)=0
virtual void startProjectNumber ()=0
virtual void endProjectNumber ()=0
virtual void writeStyleInfo (int part)=0
virtual void startTitleHead (const QCString &)=0
virtual void endTitleHead (const QCString &fileName, const QCString &name)=0
virtual void startIndexListItem ()=0
virtual void endIndexListItem ()=0
virtual void startIndexList ()=0
virtual void endIndexList ()=0
virtual void startIndexKey ()=0
virtual void endIndexKey ()=0
virtual void startIndexValue (bool)=0
virtual void endIndexValue (const QCString &, bool)=0
virtual void startIndexItem (const QCString &ref, const QCString &file)=0
virtual void endIndexItem (const QCString &ref, const QCString &file)=0
virtual void startGroupHeader (int)=0
virtual void endGroupHeader (int)=0
virtual void startMemberSections ()=0
virtual void endMemberSections ()=0
virtual void startHeaderSection ()=0
virtual void endHeaderSection ()=0
virtual void startMemberHeader (const QCString &anchor, int typ)=0
virtual void endMemberHeader ()=0
virtual void startMemberSubtitle ()=0
virtual void endMemberSubtitle ()=0
virtual void startMemberDocList ()=0
virtual void endMemberDocList ()=0
virtual void startMemberList ()=0
virtual void endMemberList ()=0
virtual void startInlineHeader ()=0
virtual void endInlineHeader ()=0
virtual void startAnonTypeScope (int)=0
virtual void endAnonTypeScope (int)=0
virtual void startMemberItem (const QCString &, int, const QCString &)=0
virtual void endMemberItem ()=0
virtual void startMemberTemplateParams ()=0
virtual void endMemberTemplateParams (const QCString &, const QCString &)=0
virtual void startCompoundTemplateParams ()=0
virtual void endCompoundTemplateParams ()=0
virtual void startMemberGroupHeader (bool)=0
virtual void endMemberGroupHeader ()=0
virtual void startMemberGroupDocs ()=0
virtual void endMemberGroupDocs ()=0
virtual void startMemberGroup ()=0
virtual void endMemberGroup (bool)=0
virtual void insertMemberAlign (bool)=0
virtual void insertMemberAlignLeft (int, bool)=0
virtual void startMemberDoc (const QCString &, const QCString &, const QCString &, const QCString &, int, int, bool)=0
virtual void endMemberDoc (bool)=0
virtual void startDoxyAnchor (const QCString &fName, const QCString &manName, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name, const QCString &args)=0
virtual void endDoxyAnchor (const QCString &fileName, const QCString &anchor)=0
virtual void writeLatexSpacing ()=0
virtual void writeStartAnnoItem (const QCString &type, const QCString &file, const QCString &path, const QCString &name)=0
virtual void writeEndAnnoItem (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void startMemberDescription (const QCString &anchor, const QCString &inheritId, bool typ)=0
virtual void endMemberDescription ()=0
virtual void startMemberDeclaration ()=0
virtual void endMemberDeclaration (const QCString &anchor, const QCString &inheritId)=0
virtual void writeInheritedSectionTitle (const QCString &id, const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &title, const QCString &name)=0
virtual void startIndent ()=0
virtual void endIndent ()=0
virtual void writeSynopsis ()=0
virtual void startClassDiagram ()=0
virtual void endClassDiagram (const ClassDiagram &, const QCString &, const QCString &)=0
virtual void startDotGraph ()=0
virtual void endDotGraph (DotClassGraph &g)=0
virtual void startInclDepGraph ()=0
virtual void endInclDepGraph (DotInclDepGraph &g)=0
virtual void startGroupCollaboration ()=0
virtual void endGroupCollaboration (DotGroupCollaboration &g)=0
virtual void startCallGraph ()=0
virtual void endCallGraph (DotCallGraph &g)=0
virtual void startDirDepGraph ()=0
virtual void endDirDepGraph (DotDirDeps &g)=0
virtual void writeGraphicalHierarchy (DotGfxHierarchyTable &g)=0
virtual void startQuickIndices ()=0
virtual void endQuickIndices ()=0
virtual void writeSplitBar (const QCString &)=0
virtual void writeNavigationPath (const QCString &)=0
virtual void writeLogo ()=0
virtual void writeQuickLinks (bool compact, HighlightedItem hli, const QCString &file)=0
virtual void writeSummaryLink (const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &title, bool first)=0
virtual void startContents ()=0
virtual void endContents ()=0
virtual void startPageDoc (const QCString &)
virtual void endPageDoc ()
virtual void startTextBlock (bool)=0
virtual void endTextBlock (bool)=0
virtual void lastIndexPage ()=0
virtual void startMemberDocPrefixItem ()=0
virtual void endMemberDocPrefixItem ()=0
virtual void startMemberDocName (bool)=0
virtual void endMemberDocName ()=0
virtual void startParameterType (bool, const QCString &key)=0
virtual void endParameterType ()=0
virtual void startParameterName (bool)=0
virtual void endParameterName (bool, bool, bool)=0
virtual void startParameterList (bool)=0
virtual void endParameterList ()=0
virtual void exceptionEntry (const QCString &, bool)=0
virtual void startConstraintList (const QCString &)=0
virtual void startConstraintParam ()=0
virtual void endConstraintParam ()=0
virtual void startConstraintType ()=0
virtual void endConstraintType ()=0
virtual void startConstraintDocs ()=0
virtual void endConstraintDocs ()=0
virtual void endConstraintList ()=0
virtual void startMemberDocSimple (bool)=0
virtual void endMemberDocSimple (bool)=0
virtual void startInlineMemberType ()=0
virtual void endInlineMemberType ()=0
virtual void startInlineMemberName ()=0
virtual void endInlineMemberName ()=0
virtual void startInlineMemberDoc ()=0
virtual void endInlineMemberDoc ()=0
virtual void startLabels ()=0
virtual void writeLabel (const QCString &, bool)=0
virtual void endLabels ()=0
virtual void cleanup ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseOutputDocInterface
virtual void parseText (const QCString &)
virtual void startItemList ()=0
virtual void startItemListItem ()=0
virtual void endItemListItem ()=0
virtual void endItemList ()=0
virtual void docify (const QCString &s)=0
virtual void writeChar (char c)=0
virtual void writeString (const QCString &text)=0
virtual void startParagraph (const QCString &classDef)=0
virtual void endParagraph ()=0
virtual void writeObjectLink (const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name)=0
virtual void startHtmlLink (const QCString &url)=0
virtual void endHtmlLink ()=0
virtual void startBold ()=0
virtual void endBold ()=0
virtual void startTypewriter ()=0
virtual void endTypewriter ()=0
virtual void startEmphasis ()=0
virtual void endEmphasis ()=0
virtual void writeRuler ()=0
virtual void startDescription ()=0
virtual void endDescription ()=0
virtual void startDescItem ()=0
virtual void startDescForItem ()=0
virtual void endDescForItem ()=0
virtual void endDescItem ()=0
virtual void startCenter ()=0
virtual void endCenter ()=0
virtual void startSmall ()=0
virtual void endSmall ()=0
virtual void startExamples ()=0
virtual void endExamples ()=0
virtual void startParamList (ParamListTypes t, const QCString &title)=0
virtual void endParamList ()=0
virtual void startTitle ()=0
virtual void endTitle ()=0
virtual void writeAnchor (const QCString &fileName, const QCString &name)=0
virtual void startSection (const QCString &, const QCString &, SectionType)=0
virtual void endSection (const QCString &, SectionType)=0
virtual void lineBreak (const QCString &style)=0
virtual void addIndexItem (const QCString &s1, const QCString &s2)=0
virtual void writeNonBreakableSpace (int)=0
virtual void startDescTable (const QCString &title)=0
virtual void endDescTable ()=0
virtual void startDescTableRow ()=0
virtual void endDescTableRow ()=0
virtual void startDescTableTitle ()=0
virtual void endDescTableTitle ()=0
virtual void startDescTableData ()=0
virtual void endDescTableData ()=0
virtual void startTextLink (const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor)=0
virtual void endTextLink ()=0
virtual void startPageRef ()=0
virtual void endPageRef (const QCString &, const QCString &)=0
virtual void startSubsection ()=0
virtual void endSubsection ()=0
virtual void startSubsubsection ()=0
virtual void endSubsubsection ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeOutputInterface
 CodeOutputInterface (const CodeOutputInterface &)=delete
CodeOutputInterfaceoperator= (const CodeOutputInterface &)=delete
virtual int id () const
 Identifier for the output file.
virtual void codify (const QCString &s)=0
virtual void writeCodeLink (CodeSymbolType type, const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, const QCString &name, const QCString &tooltip)=0
virtual void writeLineNumber (const QCString &ref, const QCString &file, const QCString &anchor, int lineNumber, bool writeLineAnchor)=0
virtual void writeTooltip (const QCString &id, const DocLinkInfo &docInfo, const QCString &decl, const QCString &desc, const SourceLinkInfo &defInfo, const SourceLinkInfo &declInfo)=0
virtual void startCodeLine (bool hasLineNumbers)=0
virtual void endCodeLine ()=0
virtual void startFontClass (const QCString &clsName)=0
virtual void endFontClass ()=0
virtual void writeCodeAnchor (const QCString &name)=0
virtual void setCurrentDoc (const Definition *context, const QCString &anchor, bool isSourceFile)
virtual void addWord (const QCString &word, bool hiPriority)
virtual void startCodeFragment (const QCString &style)=0
virtual void endCodeFragment (const QCString &style)=0

Protected Attributes

TextStream m_t

Detailed Description

Abstract output generator.

Subclass this class to add support for a new output format

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