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QList< type > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for QList< type >:
QGList QSortedList< type >

Public Member Functions

 QList (const QList< type > &l)
QList< type > & operator= (const QList< type > &l)
bool operator== (const QList< type > &list) const
uint count () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool insert (uint i, const type *d)
void inSort (const type *d)
void prepend (const type *d)
void append (const type *d)
bool remove (uint i)
bool remove (const type *d)
bool removeRef (const type *d)
bool removeFirst ()
bool removeLast ()
type * take (uint i)
void clear ()
void sort ()
int find (const type *d) const
int findRef (const type *d) const
uint contains (const type *d) const
uint containsRef (const type *d) const
type * at (uint i) const
type * getFirst () const
type * getLast () const
void setAutoDelete (bool enable)
bool autoDelete () const

Member Function Documentation

§ clear()

template<class type>
void QList< type >::clear ( )

Removes all objects from the collection. The objects will be deleted if auto-delete has been enabled.

See also

Reimplemented from QGList.

§ count()

template<class type>
uint QList< type >::count ( ) const

Returns the number of objects in the collection.

Reimplemented from QGList.

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