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SectionInfo Class Reference

class that provide information about a section. More...

#include <section.h>

Public Member Functions

 SectionInfo (const QCString &label, const QCString &fileName, int lineNr, const QCString &title, SectionType type, int level, const QCString &ref)
QCString label () const
QCString title () const
SectionType type () const
QCString ref () const
int lineNr () const
QCString fileName () const
bool generated () const
int level () const
Definitiondefinition () const
void setFileName (const QCString &fn)
void setType (SectionType t)
void setGenerated (bool b)
void setDefinition (Definition *d)
void setTitle (const QCString &t)
void setLevel (int l)
void setReference (const QCString &r)
void setLineNr (int l)

Detailed Description

class that provide information about a section.

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