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TranslatorAdapterBase Class Referenceabstract

Base of the translator adapter tree. More...

#include <translator_adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual QCString updateNeededMessage ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Translator
virtual QCString idLanguage ()=0
virtual QCString latexLanguageSupportCommand ()=0
virtual QCString latexFontenc ()
virtual QCString latexFont ()
virtual QCString latexDocumentPre ()
virtual QCString latexDocumentPost ()
virtual QCString latexCommandName ()
virtual QCString trISOLang ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedFunctions ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedSubscript ()=0
virtual QCString trDetailedDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberTypedefDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberEnumerationDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberDataDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMore ()=0
virtual QCString trListOfAllMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberList ()=0
virtual QCString trThisIsTheListOfAllMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trIncludingInheritedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedAutomatically (const QCString &s)=0
virtual QCString trEnumName ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumValue ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedIn ()=0
virtual QCString trModules ()=0
virtual QCString trClassHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundList ()=0
virtual QCString trFileList ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trFileMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedPages ()=0
virtual QCString trExamples ()=0
virtual QCString trSearch ()=0
virtual QCString trClassHierarchyDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trFileListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trFileMembersDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trExamplesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedPagesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trModuleIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trHierarchicalIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trFileIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trModuleDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trClassDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trFileDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trExampleDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPageDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trReferenceManual ()=0
virtual QCString trDefines ()=0
virtual QCString trTypedefs ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerations ()=0
virtual QCString trFunctions ()=0
virtual QCString trVariables ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationValues ()=0
virtual QCString trDefineDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trTypedefDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationTypeDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trVariableDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trCompounds ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedAt (const QCString &date, const QCString &projName)=0
virtual QCString trClassDiagram (const QCString &clName)=0
virtual QCString trForInternalUseOnly ()=0
virtual QCString trWarning ()=0
virtual QCString trVersion ()=0
virtual QCString trDate ()=0
virtual QCString trReturns ()=0
virtual QCString trSeeAlso ()=0
virtual QCString trParameters ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptions ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedBy ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceList ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trFriends ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundReference (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isTemplate)=0
virtual QCString trFileReference (const QCString &fileName)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceReference (const QCString &namespaceName)=0
virtual QCString trPublicMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trSignals ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPublicMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticProtectedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPrivateMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trWriteList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trInheritsList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trInheritedByList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trReimplementedFromList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trReimplementedInList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceMemberDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaces ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedFromFiles (ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool single)=0
virtual QCString trReturnValues ()=0
virtual QCString trMainPage ()=0
virtual QCString trPageAbbreviation ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedAtLineInSourceFile ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedInSourceFile ()=0
virtual QCString trDeprecated ()=0
virtual QCString trCollaborationDiagram (const QCString &clName)=0
virtual QCString trInclDepGraph (const QCString &fName)=0
virtual QCString trConstructorDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoSourceCode ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPrecondition ()=0
virtual QCString trPostcondition ()=0
virtual QCString trInvariant ()=0
virtual QCString trInitialValue ()=0
virtual QCString trCode ()=0
virtual QCString trGraphicalHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoGraphicalHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoTextualHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trPageIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trNote ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPublicAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticProtectedAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPrivateAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trTodo ()=0
virtual QCString trTodoList ()=0
virtual QCString trReferencedBy ()=0
virtual QCString trRemarks ()=0
virtual QCString trAttention ()=0
virtual QCString trInclByDepGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trSince ()=0
virtual QCString trLegendTitle ()=0
virtual QCString trLegendDocs ()=0
virtual QCString trLegend ()=0
virtual QCString trTest ()=0
virtual QCString trTestList ()=0
virtual QCString trProperties ()=0
virtual QCString trPropertyDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trClasses ()=0
virtual QCString trPackage (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trPackageList ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trPackages ()=0
virtual QCString trDefineValue ()=0
virtual QCString trBug ()=0
virtual QCString trBugList ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFansicp ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFCharSet ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFGeneralIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trClass (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trFile (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trNamespace (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGroup (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trPage (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trMember (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGlobal (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trAuthor (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trReferences ()=0
virtual QCString trImplementedFromList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trImplementedInList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trRTFTableOfContents ()=0
virtual QCString trDeprecatedList ()=0
virtual QCString trEvents ()=0
virtual QCString trEventDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPackageMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPackageAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trAll ()=0
virtual QCString trCallGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trSearchResultsTitle ()=0
virtual QCString trSearchResults (int numDocuments)=0
virtual QCString trSearchMatches ()=0
virtual QCString trSourceFile (QCString &filename)=0
virtual QCString trDirIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDirectories ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trDirReference (const QCString &dirName)=0
virtual QCString trDir (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trOverloadText ()=0
virtual QCString trCallerGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationValueDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberFunctionDocumentationFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListDescriptionFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersDescriptionFortran (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundIndexFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trTypeDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trSubprograms ()=0
virtual QCString trSubprogramDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDataTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesList ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundReferenceFortran (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isTemplate)=0
virtual QCString trModuleReference (const QCString &namespaceName)=0
virtual QCString trModulesMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesMemberDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trModulesIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trModule (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedFromFilesFortran (ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool single)=0
virtual QCString trType (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trSubprogram (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trTypeConstraints ()=0
virtual QCString trDirRelation (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trLoading ()=0
virtual QCString trGlobalNamespace ()=0
virtual QCString trSearching ()=0
virtual QCString trNoMatches ()=0
virtual QCString trFileIn (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trIncludesFileIn (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trDateTime (int year, int month, int day, int dayOfWeek, int hour, int minutes, int seconds, bool includeTime)=0
virtual QCString trCiteReferences ()=0
virtual QCString trCopyright ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDepGraph (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trDetailLevel ()=0
virtual QCString trTemplateParameters ()=0
virtual QCString trAndMore (const QCString &number)=0
virtual QCString trEnumGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)=0
virtual QCString trEnumReference (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trInheritedFrom (const QCString &members, const QCString &what)=0
virtual QCString trAdditionalInheritedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPanelSynchronisationTooltip (bool enable)=0
virtual QCString trProvidedByCategory ()=0
virtual QCString trExtendsClass ()=0
virtual QCString trClassMethods ()=0
virtual QCString trInstanceMethods ()=0
virtual QCString trMethodDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaces ()=0
virtual QCString trServices ()=0
virtual QCString trConstantGroups ()=0
virtual QCString trConstantGroupReference (const QCString &namespaceName)=0
virtual QCString trServiceReference (const QCString &sName)=0
virtual QCString trSingletonReference (const QCString &sName)=0
virtual QCString trServiceGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)=0
virtual QCString trSingletonGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitList ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnits ()=0
virtual QCString trFunctionAndProc ()=0
virtual QCString trVhdlType (uint64 type, bool single)=0
virtual QCString trCustomReference (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trConstants ()=0
virtual QCString trConstantDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trSequences ()=0
virtual QCString trSequenceDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDictionaries ()=0
virtual QCString trDictionaryDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trSliceInterfaces ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceList ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceHierarchyDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trInterfaceDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trStructs ()=0
virtual QCString trStructIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trStructList ()=0
virtual QCString trStructListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trStructDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionList ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionHierarchyDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundReferenceSlice (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isLocal)=0
virtual QCString trOperations ()=0
virtual QCString trOperationDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDataMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trDataMemberDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDesignUnitDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trConcept (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trConceptReference (const QCString &conceptName)=0
virtual QCString trConceptList ()=0
virtual QCString trConceptIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trConceptDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trConceptListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trConceptDefinition ()=0

Protected Member Functions

QCString createUpdateNeededMessage (const QCString &languageName, const QCString &versionString)

Protected Attributes

TranslatorEnglish english

Detailed Description

Base of the translator adapter tree.

This abstract class provides access to the english translations, to be used as a substitute for not implemented local translations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createUpdateNeededMessage()

QCString TranslatorAdapterBase::createUpdateNeededMessage ( const QCString languageName,
const QCString versionString 

An auxiliary inline method used by the updateNeededMessage() for building a warning message.

◆ updateNeededMessage()

virtual QCString TranslatorAdapterBase::updateNeededMessage ( )
pure virtual

This method is used to generate a warning message to signal the user that the translation of his/her language of choice needs updating. It must be implemented by the translator adapter class (pure virtual).

See also

Reimplemented from Translator.

Implemented in TranslatorAdapter_1_4_6, TranslatorAdapter_1_6_0, TranslatorAdapter_1_7_5, TranslatorAdapter_1_8_0, TranslatorAdapter_1_8_2, TranslatorAdapter_1_8_4, TranslatorAdapter_1_8_15, TranslatorAdapter_1_8_19, and TranslatorAdapter_1_9_2.

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