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TranslatorAdapter_1_8_2 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual QCString updateNeededMessage ()
virtual QCString trPanelSynchronisationTooltip (bool enable)
virtual QCString trProvidedByCategory ()
virtual QCString trExtendsClass ()
virtual QCString trClassMethods ()
virtual QCString trInstanceMethods ()
virtual QCString trMethodDocumentation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TranslatorAdapter_1_8_4
virtual QCString trInterfaces ()
virtual QCString trServices ()
virtual QCString trConstantGroups ()
virtual QCString trConstantGroupReference (const QCString &namespaceName)
virtual QCString trServiceReference (const QCString &sName)
virtual QCString trSingletonReference (const QCString &sName)
virtual QCString trServiceGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)
virtual QCString trSingletonGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TranslatorAdapter_1_8_15
virtual QCString trDesignUnitHierarchy ()
virtual QCString trDesignUnitList ()
virtual QCString trDesignUnitMembers ()
virtual QCString trDesignUnitListDescription ()
virtual QCString trDesignUnitIndex ()
virtual QCString trDesignUnits ()
virtual QCString trFunctionAndProc ()
virtual QCString trVhdlType (uint64 type, bool single)
virtual QCString trCustomReference (const QCString &name)
virtual QCString trConstants ()
virtual QCString trConstantDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trSequences ()
virtual QCString trSequenceDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trDictionaries ()
virtual QCString trDictionaryDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trSliceInterfaces ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceIndex ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceList ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceListDescription ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceHierarchy ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceHierarchyDescription ()
virtual QCString trInterfaceDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trStructs ()
virtual QCString trStructIndex ()
virtual QCString trStructList ()
virtual QCString trStructListDescription ()
virtual QCString trStructDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trExceptionIndex ()
virtual QCString trExceptionList ()
virtual QCString trExceptionListDescription ()
virtual QCString trExceptionHierarchy ()
virtual QCString trExceptionHierarchyDescription ()
virtual QCString trExceptionDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trCompoundReferenceSlice (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isLocal)
virtual QCString trOperations ()
virtual QCString trOperationDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trDataMembers ()
virtual QCString trDataMemberDocumentation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TranslatorAdapter_1_8_19
virtual QCString trDesignUnitDocumentation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TranslatorAdapter_1_9_2
virtual QCString trConcept (bool first_capital, bool singular)
virtual QCString trConceptReference (const QCString &conceptName)
virtual QCString trConceptList ()
virtual QCString trConceptIndex ()
virtual QCString trConceptDocumentation ()
virtual QCString trConceptListDescription (bool extractAll)
virtual QCString trConceptDefinition ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Translator
virtual QCString idLanguage ()=0
virtual QCString latexLanguageSupportCommand ()=0
virtual QCString latexFontenc ()
virtual QCString latexFont ()
virtual QCString latexDocumentPre ()
virtual QCString latexDocumentPost ()
virtual QCString latexCommandName ()
virtual QCString trISOLang ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedFunctions ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedSubscript ()=0
virtual QCString trDetailedDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberTypedefDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberEnumerationDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberDataDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMore ()=0
virtual QCString trListOfAllMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberList ()=0
virtual QCString trThisIsTheListOfAllMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trIncludingInheritedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedAutomatically (const QCString &s)=0
virtual QCString trEnumName ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumValue ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedIn ()=0
virtual QCString trModules ()=0
virtual QCString trClassHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundList ()=0
virtual QCString trFileList ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trFileMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedPages ()=0
virtual QCString trExamples ()=0
virtual QCString trSearch ()=0
virtual QCString trClassHierarchyDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trFileListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trFileMembersDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trExamplesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedPagesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trModuleIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trHierarchicalIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trFileIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trModuleDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trClassDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trFileDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trExampleDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPageDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trReferenceManual ()=0
virtual QCString trDefines ()=0
virtual QCString trTypedefs ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerations ()=0
virtual QCString trFunctions ()=0
virtual QCString trVariables ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationValues ()=0
virtual QCString trDefineDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trTypedefDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationTypeDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trVariableDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trCompounds ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedAt (const QCString &date, const QCString &projName)=0
virtual QCString trClassDiagram (const QCString &clName)=0
virtual QCString trForInternalUseOnly ()=0
virtual QCString trWarning ()=0
virtual QCString trVersion ()=0
virtual QCString trDate ()=0
virtual QCString trReturns ()=0
virtual QCString trSeeAlso ()=0
virtual QCString trParameters ()=0
virtual QCString trExceptions ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedBy ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceList ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trFriends ()=0
virtual QCString trRelatedFunctionDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundReference (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isTemplate)=0
virtual QCString trFileReference (const QCString &fileName)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceReference (const QCString &namespaceName)=0
virtual QCString trPublicMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trSignals ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPublicMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticProtectedMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateSlots ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPrivateMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trWriteList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trInheritsList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trInheritedByList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trReimplementedFromList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trReimplementedInList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceMemberDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaceDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trNamespaces ()=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedFromFiles (ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool single)=0
virtual QCString trReturnValues ()=0
virtual QCString trMainPage ()=0
virtual QCString trPageAbbreviation ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedAtLineInSourceFile ()=0
virtual QCString trDefinedInSourceFile ()=0
virtual QCString trDeprecated ()=0
virtual QCString trCollaborationDiagram (const QCString &clName)=0
virtual QCString trInclDepGraph (const QCString &fName)=0
virtual QCString trConstructorDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoSourceCode ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPrecondition ()=0
virtual QCString trPostcondition ()=0
virtual QCString trInvariant ()=0
virtual QCString trInitialValue ()=0
virtual QCString trCode ()=0
virtual QCString trGraphicalHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoGraphicalHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trGotoTextualHierarchy ()=0
virtual QCString trPageIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trNote ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPublicAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPublicAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trProtectedAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticProtectedAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPrivateAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPrivateAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trTodo ()=0
virtual QCString trTodoList ()=0
virtual QCString trReferencedBy ()=0
virtual QCString trRemarks ()=0
virtual QCString trAttention ()=0
virtual QCString trInclByDepGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trSince ()=0
virtual QCString trLegendTitle ()=0
virtual QCString trLegendDocs ()=0
virtual QCString trLegend ()=0
virtual QCString trTest ()=0
virtual QCString trTestList ()=0
virtual QCString trProperties ()=0
virtual QCString trPropertyDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trClasses ()=0
virtual QCString trPackage (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trPackageList ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageListDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trPackages ()=0
virtual QCString trDefineValue ()=0
virtual QCString trBug ()=0
virtual QCString trBugList ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFansicp ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFCharSet ()=0
virtual QCString trRTFGeneralIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trClass (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trFile (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trNamespace (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGroup (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trPage (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trMember (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGlobal (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trAuthor (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trReferences ()=0
virtual QCString trImplementedFromList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trImplementedInList (int numEntries)=0
virtual QCString trRTFTableOfContents ()=0
virtual QCString trDeprecatedList ()=0
virtual QCString trEvents ()=0
virtual QCString trEventDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPackageMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trPackageAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trStaticPackageAttribs ()=0
virtual QCString trAll ()=0
virtual QCString trCallGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trSearchResultsTitle ()=0
virtual QCString trSearchResults (int numDocuments)=0
virtual QCString trSearchMatches ()=0
virtual QCString trSourceFile (QCString &filename)=0
virtual QCString trDirIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDirectories ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDescription ()=0
virtual QCString trDirReference (const QCString &dirName)=0
virtual QCString trDir (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trOverloadText ()=0
virtual QCString trCallerGraph ()=0
virtual QCString trEnumerationValueDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trMemberFunctionDocumentationFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundListDescriptionFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trCompoundMembersDescriptionFortran (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundIndexFortran ()=0
virtual QCString trTypeDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trSubprograms ()=0
virtual QCString trSubprogramDocumentation ()=0
virtual QCString trDataTypes ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesList ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesListDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trCompoundReferenceFortran (const QCString &clName, ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool isTemplate)=0
virtual QCString trModuleReference (const QCString &namespaceName)=0
virtual QCString trModulesMembers ()=0
virtual QCString trModulesMemberDescription (bool extractAll)=0
virtual QCString trModulesIndex ()=0
virtual QCString trModule (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trGeneratedFromFilesFortran (ClassDef::CompoundType compType, bool single)=0
virtual QCString trType (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trSubprogram (bool first_capital, bool singular)=0
virtual QCString trTypeConstraints ()=0
virtual QCString trDirRelation (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trLoading ()=0
virtual QCString trGlobalNamespace ()=0
virtual QCString trSearching ()=0
virtual QCString trNoMatches ()=0
virtual QCString trFileIn (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trIncludesFileIn (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trDateTime (int year, int month, int day, int dayOfWeek, int hour, int minutes, int seconds, bool includeTime)=0
virtual QCString trCiteReferences ()=0
virtual QCString trCopyright ()=0
virtual QCString trDirDepGraph (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trDetailLevel ()=0
virtual QCString trTemplateParameters ()=0
virtual QCString trAndMore (const QCString &number)=0
virtual QCString trEnumGeneratedFromFiles (bool single)=0
virtual QCString trEnumReference (const QCString &name)=0
virtual QCString trInheritedFrom (const QCString &members, const QCString &what)=0
virtual QCString trAdditionalInheritedMembers ()=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TranslatorAdapterBase
QCString createUpdateNeededMessage (const QCString &languageName, const QCString &versionString)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TranslatorAdapterBase
TranslatorEnglish english

Member Function Documentation

◆ updateNeededMessage()

virtual QCString TranslatorAdapter_1_8_2::updateNeededMessage ( )

This method is used to generate a warning message to signal the user that the translation of his/her language of choice needs updating. It must be implemented by the translator adapter class (pure virtual).

See also

Reimplemented from TranslatorAdapter_1_8_4.

Reimplemented in TranslatorAdapter_1_4_6, TranslatorAdapter_1_6_0, TranslatorAdapter_1_7_5, and TranslatorAdapter_1_8_0.

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