commentcnv.h File Reference

First pass comment processing. More...

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void convertCppComments (const BufStr &inBuf, BufStr &outBuf, const QCString &fileName)
 Converts the comments in a file. More...

Detailed Description

First pass comment processing.

Function Documentation

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void convertCppComments ( const BufStr inBuf,
BufStr outBuf,
const QCString fileName 

Converts the comments in a file.

inBufinput buffer holding the file content.
outBufoutput buffer to which the results after conversion are written to.
fileNamethe name of the file from which the comments originate.

The following is converted:

  • C++ style multiline doxygen comments are converted to C style doxygen comments.
  • conditional sections are processed.
  • aliases are expanded.