src Directory Reference


file  commentcnv.h [code]
 First pass comment processing.
file  commentscan.h [code]
 Interface for the comment block scanner.
file  constexp_p.h [code]
 Private interface between Parser (constexp.y) and Lexer (constexp.l)
file  docparser_p.h [code]
 Private header shared between docparser.cpp and docnode.cpp.
file  index.cpp
 This file contains functions for the various index pages.
file  main.cpp
 main entry point for doxygen
file  outputlist.cpp
file  portable.h [code]
 Portable versions of functions that are platform dependent.
file  searchindex.h [code]
 Web server based search engine.
file  searchindex_js.h [code]
 Javascript based search engine.
file  translator_dk.h [code]
 Danish translation.
file  types.h [code]
 This file contains a number of basic enums and types.
file  utf8.h [code]
 Various UTF8 related helper functions.
file  util.h [code]
 A bunch of utility functions.