1 /******************************************************************************
2  *
3  * Copyright (C) 1997-2015 by Dimitri van Heesch.
4  *
5  * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
6  * documentation under the terms of the GNU General Public License is hereby
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13  *
14  */
16 #ifndef FILEPARSER_H
17 #define FILEPARSER_H
19 #include "parserintf.h"
23 {
24  public:
25  virtual ~FileCodeParser() {}
26  void parseCode(CodeOutputInterface &codeOutIntf,
27  const QCString &scopeName,
28  const QCString &input,
29  SrcLangExt lang,
30  bool isExampleBlock,
31  const QCString &exampleName=QCString(),
32  const FileDef *fileDef=0,
33  int startLine=-1,
34  int endLine=-1,
35  bool inlineFragment=FALSE,
36  const MemberDef *memberDef=0,
37  bool showLineNumbers=TRUE,
38  const Definition *searchCtx=0,
39  bool collectXRefs=TRUE
40  );
42 };
44 #endif
void parseCode(CodeOutputInterface &codeOutIntf, const QCString &scopeName, const QCString &input, SrcLangExt lang, bool isExampleBlock, const QCString &exampleName=QCString(), const FileDef *fileDef=0, int startLine=-1, int endLine=-1, bool inlineFragment=FALSE, const MemberDef *memberDef=0, bool showLineNumbers=TRUE, const Definition *searchCtx=0, bool collectXRefs=TRUE)
Parses a source file or fragment with the goal to produce highlighted and cross-referenced output...
Definition: fileparser.cpp:19
The common base class of all entity definitions found in the sources.
Definition: definition.h:76
A model of a class/file/namespace member symbol.
Definition: memberdef.h:45
A model of a file symbol.
Definition: filedef.h:73
Generic code parser.
Definition: fileparser.h:22
Language as given by extension.
Definition: types.h:41
void resetCodeParserState()
Resets the state of the code parser.
Definition: fileparser.h:41
This is an alternative implementation of QCString.
Definition: qcstring.h:108
Output interface for code parser.
Definition: outputgen.h:61
Abstract interface for code parsers.
Definition: parserintf.h:83