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index.cpp File Reference

This file contains functions for the various index pages. More...

#include <cstdlib>
#include <sstream>
#include <array>
#include <assert.h>
#include "message.h"
#include "index.h"
#include "indexlist.h"
#include "doxygen.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "filedef.h"
#include "outputlist.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "groupdef.h"
#include "language.h"
#include "htmlgen.h"
#include "htmlhelp.h"
#include "ftvhelp.h"
#include "dot.h"
#include "dotgfxhierarchytable.h"
#include "dotlegendgraph.h"
#include "pagedef.h"
#include "dirdef.h"
#include "vhdldocgen.h"
#include "layout.h"
#include "memberlist.h"
#include "classlist.h"
#include "namespacedef.h"
#include "filename.h"
#include "tooltip.h"
#include "utf8.h"
Include dependency graph for index.cpp:


class  AlphaIndexTableCell
 Class representing a cell in the alphabetical class index. More...
struct  AnnotatedIndexContext
struct  CmhlInfo
 Helper class representing a class member in the navigation menu. More...
struct  FmhlInfo
 Helper class representing a file member in the navigation menu. More...
struct  NmhlInfo
 Helper class representing a namespace member in the navigation menu. More...




using MemberIndexList = std::vector< const MemberDef * >
using MemberIndexMap = std::map< std::string, MemberIndexList >
using UsedIndexLetters = std::set< std::string >


void countDataStructures ()
void MemberIndexMap_add (MemberIndexMap &map, const std::string &letter, const MemberDef *md)
QCString fixSpaces (const QCString &s)
void startTitle (OutputList &ol, const QCString &fileName, const DefinitionMutable *def)
void endTitle (OutputList &ol, const QCString &fileName, const QCString &name)
void startFile (OutputList &ol, const QCString &name, const QCString &manName, const QCString &title, HighlightedItem hli, bool additionalIndices, const QCString &altSidebarName)
void endFile (OutputList &ol, bool skipNavIndex, bool skipEndContents, const QCString &navPath)
void endFileWithNavPath (const Definition *d, OutputList &ol)
template<class T >
void addMembersToIndex (T *def, LayoutDocManager::LayoutPart part, const QCString &name, const QCString &anchor, bool addToIndex=TRUE, bool preventSeparateIndex=FALSE, const ConceptLinkedRefMap *concepts=nullptr)
template<typename Ptr >
const ClassDefget_pointer (const Ptr &p)
const ClassDefget_pointer (const ClassLinkedMap::Ptr &p)
const ClassDefget_pointer (const ClassLinkedRefMap::Ptr &p)
int countVisibleMembers (const NamespaceDef *nd)
bool isId1 (int c)
void initClassMemberIndices ()
void addClassMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void initNamespaceMemberIndices ()
void addNamespaceMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void initFileMemberIndices ()
void addFileMemberNameToIndex (const MemberDef *md)
void sortMemberIndexLists ()
void writeGraphInfo (OutputList &ol)
template<class T , std::size_t total>
void renderMemberIndicesAsJs (std::ostream &t, const int *numDocumented, const std::array< MemberIndexMap, total > &memberLists, const T *(*getInfo)(size_t hl))
void writeIndexHierarchy (OutputList &ol)


int annotatedClasses
int annotatedClassesPrinted
int hierarchyClasses
int annotatedInterfaces
int annotatedInterfacesPrinted
int hierarchyInterfaces
int annotatedStructs
int annotatedStructsPrinted
int annotatedExceptions
int annotatedExceptionsPrinted
int hierarchyExceptions
int documentedGroups
int documentedNamespaces
int documentedConcepts
int indexedPages
int documentedClassMembers [CMHL_Total]
int documentedFileMembers [FMHL_Total]
int documentedNamespaceMembers [NMHL_Total]
int documentedFiles
int documentedPages
int documentedDirs
const int maxItemsBeforeQuickIndex = MAX_ITEMS_BEFORE_QUICK_INDEX

Detailed Description

This file contains functions for the various index pages.