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Config Namespace Reference

Public function to deal with the configuration file. More...


enum  CompareMode { Full, Compressed, CompressedNoEnv }


void init ()
void writeTemplate (TextStream &t, bool shortList, bool updateOnly=FALSE)
void compareDoxyfile (TextStream &t, CompareMode compareMode)
void writeXMLDoxyfile (TextStream &t)
bool parse (const QCString &fileName, bool update=FALSE, CompareMode compareMode=CompareMode::Full)
void postProcess (bool clearHeaderAndFooter, CompareMode compareMode=CompareMode::Full)
void checkAndCorrect (bool quiet, const bool check)
void updateObsolete ()
void deinit ()

Detailed Description

Public function to deal with the configuration file.

Function Documentation

◆ checkAndCorrect()

void Config::checkAndCorrect ( bool  quiet,
const bool  check 

Check the validity of the parsed options and correct or warn the user where needed.

quietsetting for the QUIET option (can have been overruled by means of a command line option)
checkcheck HTML / LaTeX header file etc. on existence (and terminate when not present)

◆ compareDoxyfile()

void Config::compareDoxyfile ( TextStream t,
CompareMode  compareMode 

Writes a the differences between the current configuration and the template configuration to stream t.

◆ deinit()

void Config::deinit ( )

Clean up any data

◆ init()

void Config::init ( )

Initialize configuration variables to their default value

◆ parse()

bool Config::parse ( const QCString fileName,
bool  update = FALSE,
CompareMode  compareMode = CompareMode::Full 

Parses a configuration file with name fn.

TRUE if successful, FALSE if the file could not be opened or read.

◆ postProcess()

void Config::postProcess ( bool  clearHeaderAndFooter,
CompareMode  compareMode = CompareMode::Full 

Post processed the parsed data. Replaces raw string values by the actual values. and replaces environment variables.

clearHeaderAndFooterset to TRUE when writing header and footer templates.
compareModesignals if we in Doxyfile compare (-x or -x_noenv) mode are or not. Influences setting of the default value and replacement of environment variables and CMake type replacement variables.

◆ updateObsolete()

void Config::updateObsolete ( )

Adjust any configuration values based on the value of obsolete options.

◆ writeTemplate()

void Config::writeTemplate ( TextStream t,
bool  shortList,
bool  updateOnly = FALSE 

Writes a template configuration to stream t. If shortList is TRUE the description of each configuration option will be omitted.

◆ writeXMLDoxyfile()

void Config::writeXMLDoxyfile ( TextStream t)

Writes a the used settings of the current configuration as XML format to stream t.