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16 #ifndef UTF8_H
17 #define UTF8_H
19 #include <cstdint>
20 #include <string>
22 class TextStream;
34 std::string convertUTF8ToLower(const std::string &input);
39 std::string convertUTF8ToUpper(const std::string &input);
44 std::string getUTF8CharAt(const std::string &input,size_t pos);
49 uint32_t getUnicodeForUTF8CharAt(const std::string &input,size_t pos);
54 uint8_t getUTF8CharNumBytes(char firstByte);
59 const char *writeUTF8Char(TextStream &t,const char *s);
62 bool lastUTF8CharIsMultibyte(const std::string &input);
65 bool isUTF8CharUpperCase(const std::string &input,size_t pos);
70 int isUTF8NonBreakableSpace(const char *input);
72 #endif
uint32_t getUnicodeForUTF8CharAt(const std::string &input, size_t pos)
Returns the 32bit Unicode value matching character at byte position pos in the UTF8 encoded input...
Definition: utf8.cpp:135
bool isUTF8CharUpperCase(const std::string &input, size_t pos)
Returns true iff the input string at byte position pos holds an upper case character.
Definition: utf8.cpp:218
uint8_t getUTF8CharNumBytes(char firstByte)
Returns the number of bytes making up a single UTF8 character given the first byte in the sequence...
Definition: utf8.cpp:23
int isUTF8NonBreakableSpace(const char *input)
Check if the first character pointed at by input is a non-breakable whitespace character.
Definition: utf8.cpp:228
Text streaming class that buffers data.
Definition: textstream.h:33
std::string getUTF8CharAt(const std::string &input, size_t pos)
Returns the UTF8 character found at byte position pos in the input string.
Definition: utf8.cpp:127
std::string convertUTF8ToLower(const std::string &input)
Converts the input string into a lower case version, also taking into account non-ASCII characters th...
Definition: utf8.cpp:187
bool lastUTF8CharIsMultibyte(const std::string &input)
Returns true iff the last character in input is a multibyte character.
Definition: utf8.cpp:212
std::string convertUTF8ToUpper(const std::string &input)
Converts the input string into a upper case version, also taking into account non-ASCII characters th...
Definition: utf8.cpp:192
const char * writeUTF8Char(TextStream &t, const char *s)
Writes the UTF8 character pointed to by s to stream t and returns a pointer to the next character...
Definition: utf8.cpp:197