Thin C++-flavored wrappers for the CUDA Runtime API
Todo List
Member cuda::device_t::reset () const
Determine whether this actually performs a hardware reset or not
Member cuda::memory::host::allocate (size_t size_in_bytes, allocation_options options)
Consider a variant of this supporting the cudaHostAlloc flags
Member cuda::memory::shared::size_t
consider using uint32_t.
Member cuda::stream_t::has_work_remaining () const
What if there are incomplete operations, but they're all waiting on something on another queue? Should the queue count as "busy" then?
Member cuda::synchronize (const event_t &event)
Determine how this waiting takes place (as opposed to stream synchrnoization).
Class cuda::texture::descriptor_t
Could be expanded into a richer wrapper class allowing actual settings of the various fields.
Member cuda::version_numbers::maximum_supported_by_driver ()
In future CUDA versions which support C++17 - return an optional
File pointer.hpp
Consider allowing for storing attributes within the class, lazily (e.g. with an ::std::optional).