xtd.console - Reference Guide  0.0.1
Modern c++17 library to manage terminal on Windows, macOS and Linux.
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1 #pragma once
4 #include <xtd/xtd.strings>
7 namespace xtd {
11  enum class console_color {
13  black,
15  dark_blue,
17  dark_green,
19  dark_cyan,
21  dark_red,
27  gray,
29  dark_gray,
31  blue,
33  green,
35  cyan,
37  red,
39  magenta,
41  yellow,
43  white
44  };
47  inline std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, console_color value) {return os << to_string(value, {{console_color::black, "black"}, {console_color::dark_blue, "dark_blue"}, {console_color::dark_green, "dark_green"}, {console_color::dark_cyan, "dark_cyan"}, {console_color::dark_red, "dark_red"}, {console_color::dark_magenta, "dark_magenta"}, {console_color::dark_yellow, "dark_yellow"}, {console_color::gray, "gray"}, {console_color::dark_gray, "dark_gray"}, {console_color::blue, "blue"}, {console_color::green, "green"}, {console_color::cyan, "cyan"}, {console_color::red, "red"}, {console_color::magenta, "magenta"}, {console_color::yellow, "yellow"}, {console_color::white, "white"}});}
48  inline std::wostream& operator<<(std::wostream& os, console_color value) {return os << to_string(value, {{console_color::black, L"black"}, {console_color::dark_blue, L"dark_blue"}, {console_color::dark_green, L"dark_green"}, {console_color::dark_cyan, L"dark_cyan"}, {console_color::dark_red, L"dark_red"}, {console_color::dark_magenta, L"dark_magenta"}, {console_color::dark_yellow, L"dark_yellow"}, {console_color::gray, L"gray"}, {console_color::dark_gray, L"dark_gray"}, {console_color::blue, L"blue"}, {console_color::green, L"green"}, {console_color::cyan, L"cyan"}, {console_color::red, L"red"}, {console_color::magenta, L"magenta"}, {console_color::yellow, L"yellow"}, {console_color::white, L"white"}});}
50 }
The color black.
The color dark gray.
The color blue.
Specifies constants that define foreground and background colors for the console. ...
Definition: console_color.hpp:11
The color dark cyan (dark blue-green).
The color dark red.
The color dark magenta (dark purplish-red).
The color dark green.
The color green.
The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
Definition: background_color.hpp:7
The color yellow.
The color white.
The color dark yellow (ochre).
The color dark blue.
The color cyan (blue-green).
The color gray.
The color magenta (purplish red).