xtd.console - Reference Guide  0.0.1
Modern c++17 library to manage terminal on Windows, macOS and Linux.
xtd Directory Reference


file  background_color.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::background_color class.
file  basic_console.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::basic_console class.
file  beep.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::beep class.
file  console.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console and xtd::wconsole typedefs.
file  console_cancel_event_args.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::beep class.
file  console_cancel_event_handler.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::beep class.
file  console_color.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console_color enum class.
file  console_key.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console_key enum.
file  console_key_info.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console_key_info class.
file  console_modifiers.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console_modifiers enum.
file  console_special_key.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::console_special_key enum.
file  foreground_color.hpp [code]
 Contains std::foreground_color class.
file  format.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::format class.
file  main_page.hpp [code]
 Contains doygen main page.
file  reset_color.hpp [code]
 Contains xtd::reset_color class.