xtd - Reference Guide  0.1.0
Modern c++17/20 framework to create console, GUI and unit test applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android.

◆ create_params()

virtual forms::create_params xtd::forms::control::create_params ( ) const

Gets the required creation parameters when the control handle is created.

A create_params that contains the required creation parameters when the handle to the control is created.
The create_params property should not be overridden and used to adjust the properties of your derived control. Properties such as the create_params::caption, create_params::width, and create_params::height should be set by the corresponding properties in your control such as control::text, control::width and control::height. The create_params should only be extended when you are wrapping a standard Windows control class or to set styles not provided by the forms namespace.
Notes for inheritors
When overriding the create_params property in a derived class, use the base class's create_params property to extend the base implementation. Otherwise, you must provide all the implementation.

Reimplemented in xtd::forms::form, xtd::forms::progress_bar, xtd::forms::track_bar, xtd::forms::checked_list_box, xtd::forms::check_box, xtd::forms::date_time_picker, xtd::forms::toggle_button, xtd::forms::button, xtd::forms::button_base, xtd::forms::radio_button, xtd::forms::domain_up_down, xtd::forms::text_box, xtd::forms::list_box, xtd::forms::combo_box, xtd::forms::up_down_button, xtd::forms::numeric_up_down, xtd::forms::scrollable_control, xtd::forms::choice, xtd::forms::collapsible_panel, xtd::forms::command_link_button, xtd::forms::color_picker, xtd::forms::tab_control, xtd::forms::label, xtd::forms::picture_box, xtd::forms::font_picker, xtd::forms::panel, xtd::forms::user_control, xtd::forms::tab_page, xtd::forms::group_box, and xtd::forms::up_down_base.