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xtd::forms::theme_colors Class Referencefinal
Inheritance diagram for xtd::forms::theme_colors:

Public Types

using color_getter = xtd::delegate< xtd::drawing::color(xtd::forms::known_themed_color)>
using theme_name_collection = std::vector< std::string >

Public Member Functions

 theme_colors (const std::string &name, const color_getter &kown_themed_color_to_color)
 theme_colors (const std::string &name, xtd::forms::theme_style theme_style, const color_getter &color_getter)
xtd::drawing::color accent () const
xtd::drawing::color accent_text () const
xtd::drawing::color active_border () const
xtd::drawing::color active_caption () const
xtd::drawing::color active_caption_text () const
xtd::drawing::color app_workspace () const
xtd::drawing::color button_face () const
xtd::drawing::color button_highlight () const
xtd::drawing::color button_shadow () const
xtd::drawing::color control () const
xtd::drawing::color control_dark () const
xtd::drawing::color control_dark_dark () const
xtd::drawing::color control_light () const
xtd::drawing::color control_light_light () const
xtd::drawing::color control_text () const
xtd::drawing::color desktop () const
xtd::drawing::color from_known_themed_color (xtd::forms::known_themed_color known_themed_color) const
xtd::drawing::color gradient_active_caption () const
xtd::drawing::color gradient_inactive_caption () const
xtd::drawing::color gray_text () const
xtd::drawing::color highlight () const
xtd::drawing::color highlight_text () const
xtd::drawing::color hot_track () const
xtd::drawing::color inactive_border () const
xtd::drawing::color inactive_caption () const
xtd::drawing::color inactive_caption_text () const
xtd::drawing::color info () const
xtd::drawing::color info_text () const
bool is_default () const
xtd::drawing::color menu () const
xtd::drawing::color menu_bar () const
xtd::drawing::color menu_highlight () const
xtd::drawing::color menu_text () const
virtual const std::string & name () const
theme_basename (const std::string &name)
xtd::drawing::color scroll_bar () const
xtd::drawing::color text_box () const
xtd::drawing::color text_box_text () const
xtd::forms::theme_style theme_style () const
theme_basetheme_style (xtd::forms::theme_style theme_style)
std::string to_string () const
xtd::drawing::color window () const
xtd::drawing::color window_frame () const
xtd::drawing::color window_text () const

Static Public Member Functions

static theme_colors current_theme ()
static void current_theme (const theme_colors &theme_color)
static void current_theme (const std::string &name)
static theme_colors default_theme ()
static std::string default_theme_name ()
static std::string fallback_theme_name ()
static theme_colors theme_from_name (const std::string &theme_color_name)
static const theme_name_collection & theme_names ()

Static Public Attributes

static const theme_colors empty

Protected Member Functions

theme_baseis_default (bool is_default)

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