xtd - Reference Guide 0.2.0
menu.h File Reference
#include <any>
#include <map>
#include <optional>
#include <string>
#include <xtd/iequatable.h>
#include "component.h"
#include "layout/arranged_element_collection.h"


Contains xtd::forms::menu menu.

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class  xtd::forms::menu
 Represents the base functionality for all menus. Although tool_strip_drop_down and tool_strip_drop_down_menu replace and add functionality to the menu control of previous versions, menu is retained for both backward compatibility and future use if you choose. More...


 The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
 The xtd::forms namespace contains classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows operating system, Apple macOS and Linux like Ubuntu operating system.


using xtd::forms::const_menu_item_ref = std::reference_wrapper< const menu_item >
 Represents a menu item reference. More...
using xtd::forms::menu_item_ref = std::reference_wrapper< menu_item >
 Represents a menu item reference. More...