xtd.drawing - Reference Guide  0.1.0
Modern c++17 library providing access to GDI+ basic graphics functionality. More advanced functionality is provided in the drawing 2D, imaging, and text.
xtd::drawing::rectangle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 rectangle (int32_t x, int32_t y, int32_t width, int32_t height)
 rectangle (const point &location, const drawing::size &size)
int32_t bottom () const
int32_t height () const
void height (int32_t height)
bool is_empty () const
int32_t left () const
void left (int32_t left)
point location () const
void location (const point &location)
void offset (const rectangle &pt)
void offset (int32_t dx, int32_t dy)
bool operator!= (const rectangle &value) const
bool operator== (const rectangle &value) const
int32_t right () const
drawing::size size () const
void size (const drawing::size &size)
std::string to_string () const
int32_t top () const
void top (int32_t top)
int32_t width () const
void width (int32_t width)
int32_t x () const
void x (int32_t x)
int32_t y () const
void y (int32_t y)

Static Public Member Functions

static rectangle make_intersect (const rectangle &a, const rectangle &b)
static rectangle make_union (const rectangle &a, const rectangle &b)

Static Public Attributes

static const rectangle empty

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