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Modern c++17 library containing classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux like Ubuntu operating system.
xtd::forms::form_button_images Class Referencefinal
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Static Public Member Functions

static xtd::drawing::image close ()
static xtd::drawing::image close (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image close (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image close (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image close (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image close (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image close (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image close_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (const std::string &name)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (bool maximized, const std::string &name)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (const std::string &theme, const std::string &name)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (bool maximized, const std::string &theme, const std::string &name)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (const std::string &name, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (const std::string &theme, const std::string &name, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image from_name (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const std::string &name, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen ()
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image fullscreen_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize ()
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image maximize_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize ()
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image minimize_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore ()
static xtd::drawing::image restore (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image restore (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image restore (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image restore (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image restore_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::size size ()
static xtd::drawing::size size (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu ()
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered ()
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (bool maximized)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (bool maximized, const std::string &theme)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (const std::string &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)
static xtd::drawing::image system_menu_hovered (const xtd::forms::theme_images &theme, const xtd::drawing::size &size)

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